Applovin Extension - How to use Applovin Extension

Applovin Extension How to use Applovin Extension?

Applovin Extension and How to use Applovin Extension in Thunkable, Kodular or AppyBuilder or any Online App Inventor. Paid Extension for Kodular. It is growing rapidly in Mobile Advertising Network. Many Developers are showing their interest towards applovin and Integrating their apps with it.
Applovin Extension - How to use Applovin Extension
Applovin Extension - How to use Applovin Extension

Their Ads are mostly Video ads which are unskippable So App Developers get high CPC from these types of Ads. So Ultimately Earning is more in Applovin( Woah! I should try this).

Therefore, totally changed their approval process to serve Quality Ads to only Professional Working Developers.

For more, You can Check their latest Approval method - Applovin Approval Process [ Complete Guide ] 2019 Latest Update.

In this article, We will learn about

What is Applovin Extension and How to use it in Thunkable or Kodular?

Along with these Queries Like:
  • How to Use it
  • Price and Where to Purchase it
  • Why it is Paid
  • Can we use in Thunkable | AppyBuilder or Any App Inventor
  • And Much More basic on this...
So Let's Start with Basic...

Why it is made?

An extension is made to make your life easier than before. Really How?, For Integrating Apps with Applovin in Thunkable or Kodular we need to use Enhance Method.

Right? Yes, Because we don't have any other option for doing this in App Inventors.

So, Developer - [Credit:- Abhijith Sir ] Made this Extension. With this, you can directly use Applovin SDK Key to put Ads in your App. Awesome, Really Sounds Good!

I Means now no need to use Enhanced Method Instead use this Extention in Thunkable or Kodular or any App Inventor. But Read the Last Point!!!?

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Applovin Extension - How to Use Applovin Extension?

1) Initialize The SDK first:-
Applovin Extension Initialization
Initialization Block
2) Use this Block to Know When The SDK Is Successfully Initialized :

3) After Initializing the SDK Load the Ads Using these Blocks :

Following are some Block that will help you to Load Ads
Image Credits and For More About it Visit Official: Simple Games

Can we use in Other App Inventor like thunkable, Kodular, AppyBuilder, MIT App Inventor or any?

Well, it's Obvious We Can. Let me tell it properly YES we can use Applovin Extension for Thunkable, Kodular or Appy Builder.

It is made by Professional Developer who also made Extensions for Startapp and more. Therefore you don't need to worry about extensions usability and Performance.

Price of it? Why it is not free?

Official Price $10 Dollar (You can Checkout on there Official Website). It is not Free Because they are working really good to make our Applovin Integration to the app. And It's Not huge amount their work must get rewarded so it is not free. I hope you understand. And Read About Enhance Method it is also Working Fine for Free.


I will try to get more on this and also Giveaway of this Extension (In New Post If Possible).

Above All Mention Details are true and valid If you want to Purchase it go from official site Only(Mention Above). Don't go for any other site it may fraud with you.

Therefore Now at Conclusion, I Want your reviews and comments on Extension | How to use Applovin Extension?. Try it and Keep visiting for more Updates related to Applovin,Admob,SEO,CPC and many More.

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