Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020

Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020

Admob Alternative 2020 and Best Ad Networks For thunkable 2020 for your Android Apps. So Use among following 7 Admob Alternative with high eCPM for Thunkable, Makeroid (Kodular), AppyBuilder or any other Online App Inventor 2020. Also one of Best ad network for android apps in 2020

So, In this Era of Technology, Users of Mobile Devices became more than PC users long ago. And Now Mobile users are extremely growing and Boosting Mobile Ad Networks i.e Mobile Ad World.

Best Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020
Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020

Which is Best ad network for android apps in 2020

Or Best Ad Networks to use for Android Apps and Games?

Most used and common among App Developer is Google Admob as most used advertising networks in this world. But let me tell you about Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable in 2020 or more specific thunkable Ads there are many good and high paying Mobile Ad Networks for Newbies as well as for pro. 

So Why Not Give them a Chance Because of their features listed in this article.

Admob Alternative for Thunkable with high eCPM for Thunkable, Makeroid (Kodular), AppyBuilder

What if you want to try something different then most of App Developer?

So, It can be many reasons to look around Best Admob Alternative for Thunkable in 2020 or Different Ad Networks for Thunkable... Instead of Google Admob.

And Now due to some Admob Policy and SDK Updates Ads are not Working Fine Until you put your app in Play store. So probably Developers are searching for Admob Alternative and Different Ad Networks for Thunkable.

Therefore Many People Also Search for Queries Like -
  • Best Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable
  • Ad networks for thunkable or Kodular other than Admob
  • Admob account disabled What is the best Admob Alternative
  • Different Ads to integrate Kodular apps.
But there is a way to show Admob Ads in your Apps Made with App Inventor like Thunkable, Makeroid ( Kodular ), AppyBuilder and more.

So, Learn More:
How to show interstitial and Banner ads in your Admob App| 100% Working

How to Get High CPC Ads in Admob 2020 | Increase your Earning 100% Tested Trick

But many New Developers don't prefer Admob for Earning purpose.

Therefore in this Article, I have covered some popular and useful Admob Alternative and Perfect Ad Networks for Thunkable to integrate your app or game using Thunkable, AppyBuilder, Makeroid ( Kodular ) or any other Online App Inventor.

And it is obvious you can also integrate using android programming.

Now, first of all, Let us go through another popular, Growing and high eCPM and CPM or CPC Advertising Network to boost your earning. So Following are Some Best Admob Alternative in 2020.

Note: Following List is not as per there Ranking or something.

List of Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020

1.Facebook Audience Network [For Apps]

Facebook this word isn't it familiar, Off Course Yes !! But Do you know Facebook also have Advertising Network for Both Website and Mobile Apps? One can go with both option available but in this article lets know something about Facebook Audience Network for Android or IOS apps. 
Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020 - Facebook Audience Network
Admob Alternative - Facebook Audience Network
Facebook Ads servers you high-Quality Ads to there audience and target globally. It Provides Developer to choose three types of Ad Units: Banner, Interstitial and Native Ad Unit.

CPM of Facebook Network varies according to targeted traffic. Performance is good for Asian country generally eCPM USD 1 to 5 can be obtained.

Average eCPM : 1.7 $ to $ 2.50$ [ India ] In simple Words i.e Per thousand Impression.And It greatly Varies Depending as per target Traffic.

Payment Threshold: 100$

Payment Payout Method: Bank Account or Paypal on Every Month end.

2. Adcolony

Adcolony is also growing its Network and becoming a trend in Self Click earning users. It is Supported in Android as well as IOS Devices but not in Windows. Adcolony generally serves ads of App, Idea is this is something unique.
Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020 - Adcolony
Admob Alternative - AdColony
Adcolony Provides you Cost per Click and also Cost per Install methods in your apps.

Ads Format: Usually Videos Ads of 15-30 sec that covers full screen and users are not able to skip it. Types of Ads Native Ads, Video Ads, Interstitial Ads, and Rich Media Ads.

Average eCPM: 9$ to 15$. It is pretty good for low traffic audience for earning. One can also use Self Click tricks [ If you know proper trick only ]

Minimum Payout and Payout Method: Payment Threshold - 100$ | Payment Payout Method - Bank, Wire transfer and Paypal.

3. StartApp

StartApp is the newest entry in this list because of its easiness and high-Quality Ads. If you use Startapp and integrate your app, then you see Ads that come in your app are really different from any other ad network like Animated and interactive ads.
Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020 - StartApp
Admob Alternative - StartApp
Startapp will be fair for any App Developer to integrate apps. It is coming in trend among Mobile Advertising Network and reviews are also good. Due to there performance is fast and provides you high USD for thousand impressions

It is also known to be a good competitor for Applovin Why? because along with Ads like CPC it also provides CPI(Cost Per Install) Ads format. Just like Applovin but not better than it... As per Developers

Ad Format: Native Ads, Banner Ads, and Video Ads [Really Nice Animated and Interactive Ads]

Average eCPM: 7$ to 14$ but no revenue for Impressions it only pays you for Clicks. But by using Cost Per Install ads format your Earning eCPM can be Double or Triple.

Payment and Payout Method: Payment Threshold - 50$ | Payment Payout Method - Wire Transfer, Paypal, Cryptocurrency, Check(US Publishers Only) and Direct Deposit(US Publishers Only).

In StartApp for receiving payment for First-time Developer need to Fill Payment Form.

How to show Banner Ads in Applovin | Startapp Apps | 100% Guarantee Earn 10$/Day With Proof

4. Leadbolt

Leadbolt provides you Advertising in both field Website as well as Apps. It has no minimum traffic requirement so for low traffic as well as high traffic gainer both can give a try to this Admob Alternative that can be used as Ad Networks for Thunkabe apps.
Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020 - LeadBolt
Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020 - LeadBolt
Leadbolt has a global reach this is an advantage for those who have traffic from many different countries. Leadbolt publisher review as - Most reliable performance-based mobile advertising network.

Ad Format: Banner Ads, Rich Media Ads, Interstitial Ads, Native Ads, Playable ads, and Rewarded Ads. Provides a great variety of ads with engaging and animation.

It also Provides publisher to use locking content that leads to higher eCPM for a publisher but put negative impact on users.

Average eCPM: 6$ to 10$ (It can go more By Using Rewarded Ads)

Payment and Payout Method: Payment Threshold - $100 (Weekly or Every 15 Days) Developer Need to Request for Payment | Payment Payout Method - PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Payoneer.

5. Applovin

Applovin is among most growing Ad Network Company in 2020.  Allow Developers for instant activation of your account even though the developer had just made a new App. A developer can directly integrate Applovin Ads in their apps. Also, it is good Admob Alternative Ad Network for Thunkable ads
Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020 - Applovin
Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020 - Applovin
It is for that developer who wants to earn more USD $ even their traffic audience is low for there app. Yes, Applovin is emerging as Self Click Earning Ad Network globally and especially from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and South East Asian Country.

Advertising in your integrate App Usually Shows Ads of Android Applications. And If anybody is interested in that and Install it by clicking on your ads. So as per CPI, you will get high Revenue for that.
It can vary from average from 0.4 - 1$.

Ad Format: Native Ads. Interstitial Ads and Video Ads
Average eCPM: 60$ to 80$ ( Yes, you can - just because of CPI features)

Note: Applovin is something different from other Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable. They will Only pay you when Ads in your Apps leads to successful Install of an app. Because Applovin Advertising Publishers only pay them when someone Install their app.

Payment and Payout Method: Payment Threshold - 20$ to 150$ ( Varies Country according ) for India 20$ ( And Most of South Asian Country) | Payment Payout Method -
Wire Transfer and Paypal.

In Applovin for receiving payment for First-time Developer need to Fill Payment Form (W8-BEN Tax Form).

How to add Applovin ads Thunkable, Makeriod (Kodular) and AppyBuilder
Free Applovin Aia File for Thunkable | Best Aia file for Applovin of 2020

6. InMobi

Just like any other ad network developer gets instant approval of account and can integrate their ads in your apps. InMobi is one of the oldest Mobile Ad Network and well known for its technology and Innovation. Among well-known Companies for Innovation ( Ranked 15th on Fast Company’s the World’s Most Innovative Companies 2016 List ) in South Asia.
Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020 - InMobi
Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020 - InMobi

InMobi Ad Network will be a good option for a developer who has traffic from India, South Asia, Africa, UK, and the USA. Provides CPC(Cost Per Click) Campaign based Ads available for only IOS and Android Applications.

Ad Format: Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads, Video Ads, and Customized Native Ads.

Average eCPM: 2$ to 3$ which is good for South Asia.

Payment and Payout method: Payment Threshold - For India 50$ for other it varies from 50$ to 300$ ( Depending on Payment Method also) | Payment Payout Methods - Bank Transfer and Paypal in Cycle of 60 Days.

7. Unity

Unity is well known for his Games and App Developing Technology they also serve Mobile Advertising Network. For Games Developer it is one of the best platforms to get started using Unity Ads in their gaming apps.
Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020 - Unity
Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020 - Unity

Because Unity Ad Network can really help you to gain high eCPM on a global platform. They provide you highest lifetime values for a professional player based games. This would be a perfect and most preferred platform for a Mobile Game Developer who loves to make Mobile Player base games.

So, the developer can see many different types of Ads Format that especially made for high End-User Mobile Games. It provides us one of best-Rewarded video ads network that can work better and engaged globally.

Ad Format:  Very Engageable Banner Ads So that Users can get Curious and have a chance that they will click through it. Also, besides Banner ads, there are Full Screen Animated Interstitial Ads which looks like a Features of your game.

Therefore there may be a chance for Clicks. And we all know Creative Rewarded Ads and Video Ads to provide rewards to your game users.

Average eCPM: Good CPM Rates Approximately 3$ to 5.75$  and by even more by using Rewarded Ads and Video Ads. So use properly without putting Negative impact on users and developers can earn even more. Also Provides Very high CPM for Western Countries.

Payment and Payout Method: Payment Threshold - 100$ | Payment Payout Method: Wire Transfer and Paypal.

Now it's time for the Conclusion Right!

I hope finally, by reading this article about Admob Alternative Ad Networks for Thunkable 2020 you got some basic overview of above all mentioned Admob Alternative. And there are also many other Admob Alternative for Thunkable to use in your app. But Above mentions are in trend with good options for earning high CPM. Therefore I mentioned them.

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So finally, Developers Isn't this article about Best Admob Alternative Ad Networks For Thunkable helpful to you?. If so then please share and Comment about it and now start experimenting above all mentions.

And If you did not like this Article then we will glad to know Why? Please Mention all that in the comment section below. Also, Comment below another most noteworthy Admob Alternative that is not mentioned above

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