How to Get High CPC Ads in Admob Tips | ADMOB Trick

How to Get High CPC Ads in Admob Tips| Increase CPC in ADMOB Trick

How to Get High CPC Ads in Admob 2020 | INCREASE CPC in ADMOB TrickSo Guys We are Back to Boost our Admob Earning by New 100% Working Trick. This Trick is used by many Pro-People. So Therefore now In this article, I am sharing this trick with you so you can also Double your Admob earnings by knowing- Get High CPC Ads in Admob and Increase your Ads CPC in Admob.

How to Get High CPC Ads in Admob 2019
How to Get High CPC Ads in Admob

So let's See How to Get High CPC Ads in Admob

First If you know Hindi. - So For you, I Have made a Complete Video about Increase CPC in Admob so you can go through it. 

Video Guide Watch Video 

How To Get High CPC Admob In 2020 | How to Increase CPC Rate | Group Earning Trick | CPC कैसे बढ़ाए


Note: If you watched the full Video So Now no need to read this Full Article. 

Written Guide 

Step 1: Go for high CPC keywords - Search in Google high CPC Ads 

Step 2: Now Target anyone Keyword like Insurance. Search for that keyword in your Browser
  • Ex. Life Insurance, Best Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance ... Related to that Keyword.
  • And open At least 8 - 10 Pages of Searched keyword and Let that Browser runs in the Background.
Step 3: That's it! Now Open your app that contains your Ads and After some time Yes after a very Small time you can See Ads Related to your Search Keyword. 

Step 4: So Guys now I think you know what to do next once high CPC ads come in your App. 

Isn't it is very Simple? After some small Research of your Keyword, Google thinks you are interested in that Keyword. And you know Google will Show you what you like Right :)

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Now Question Arise Why and how will this Trick Work?

The answer is very Simple Google is always Suggests or Serves you that thing Only about what you like or Interested in it. Don't Believe in me then let me give you one Work [It does not work it is Just a Demo of my Explanation ]. 

Open any Site in your Browser which contains Google AdSense Ads Consider my site only Technicalarp. So, On my site, there are Google AdSense Ads and Google Decide which ads will be put in your Browser [ I use Google Chrome]. 

Now take notice of Website Ads that are coming in your Browser, It will display only the Ads which you have searched for that keyword 
Ex. If I search a lot about NetFlix then ads that google shows me are related to NetFlix. 

This Same Trick will also be Applicable for Admob Ads running in your App

Proof - Following Photo is My Adsense Earning from 1 Click. And If it was Admob then it will be even more.
How to Get High CPC Ads in Admob 2019 | ADMOB Trick 2019 - Proof
How to Get High CPC Ads in Admob 2020 | ADMOB Trick 2020 - Proof 

So Please use this Trick and let me know about it in Comment Section. I hope you Understand How to Get High CPC Ads in Admob 2020 | INCREASE CPC in ADMOB -Trick

If Yes then Congrats to you Because By using this Trick it will Increase your CPC and also your Revenue. But if not then Please Let me know Why? Comment below or Contact us.

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