Best URL Shortener Blogger Template Script [Premium]

Best URL Shortener Blogger Template Script [Premium]

Best URL Shortener Blogger Template Script Download [ Premium Version ]. Now get URL Shortener Template for Blogger with Ads or more simple URL Shortener script for Blogger Download link is available. Want to make your own URL Shortener Website in Blogger Blogspot Domain for free? then you are in the right place.

In this post, you will get the most Advanced and SEO Friendly Premium Url Shortener Script for bloggers with Ads placement Widgets and easy to Customize. So you can generate more revenue/earnings from the free Blogspot platform. For the Paid hosting platform there are many Php scripts available like Mighty Link Shortener or Adlinkfly Monetized Script. But for Blogger Platform it is difficult to make such Advanced Script.

Premium Url Shortener Blogger Script Download
Premium Url Shortener Blogger Script Download

So our team made Premium Blogger Template for Url Shortener in Blogger Platform which is more advanced than any script or template you may find on the Internet. I am sure you will love it Just Check DEMO and Go for Downloading.

Why Work and Use of any other Website for Links Earning? If you can make your own such Website and earn from that. No need to share your work and revenue with other websites So make such a website for Free on the Blogger Blogspot platform.

Before Proceeding let me answer some basic questions that may trigger in your mind.

Is it possible to make a URL shortener website in Blogspot for Free?

So the answer is YES!, but you have to follow some steps in your Blogspot Platform and use it for free. Therefore you have to read a complete article. Script or Template is just like any other blogger template but with advanced JavaScript code included inside it to make it work as a URL Shortener website in Blogger. Trust me even I am using it for a while and it makes me very happy to see the earning from that website you can check the demo before installing it on the Blogspot platform just search for a demo link somewhere in this article :)

Can we put Ads on the URL/Links Shortener website Blogger template?

Off-Course! you can easily put your Ads. We made a premium template to work efficiently responsively and most important it is under AdSense policy so no need to worry about that or any other network. So you can easily do it from your Blogspot layout Page Sections and put your ads in a widget.

How does this URL Shortener script HTML template works?

All of its workings are based on JavaScript code in the backend, so to know how exactly JavaScript code is used to you have to check a blogger template for that. So for that, you have to download it right but let me tell you in simple words just check the demo you can understand it but if still can't make it understand then you just comment down I will definitely reply for that.

Best Blogger Url Shortener Script Download Working
Best Blogger Url Shortener Script Download Working


Now Know about Premium Version

Why I am saying Premium Url Shortener Script for Blogger?

Now read it carefully you may find any other similar working kind of website templates which is Free version Right!. It may be a chance to be similar to this demo but backend and code structure and lots of things are missing in the Free version.

So our team decided to provide Premium and Safe URL shortener website Blogger Template with accordingly and Under Google AdSense policies. Most scripts out there were not following a Google AdSense policy, proper structures, Schema, customization, and more missing out there.

But we made it happen in our Premium Templates you can check out of every possible feature has been included in our templates that make it Premium from any other internet source template features.

So decide yourself in a very small Purchase amount you can get this many features and in a free you may lose your SEO rank, Adsense, Scam detection, and even get blocked from Google Index.

Therefore Check Features as of Our Blogger Template.

Features of Premium Best URL Shortener Blogger Template Script Download

Let me provide it in a properly listed format so one can understand it more easily.
  • First Premium Url Shortener for Blogger
  • Perfect Url Shortener You can Get for Blogger
  • Created With Passion and Love from our Technical Arp Team
  • Users can Easily Place Ads Through Properly Designed Widget from Blogger Layout
  • Users can post as many articles as they want to.
  • Adsense Friendly - Any Ad Network can be Easily Used
  • Under Adsense Policies Guidelines
  • hidden/Encrypted Link - So No-one can Bypass Time and get Direct Link
  • Easily Integrate Ads and Earn from the third party
  • Unique and Easy Ranking Can be Achieved in less time
  • Secure Site Redirection
  • Scam Protected and No Mislead Data
  • Responsive Ad Blocker Addon
  • Proper Sections, Elements, Panels, Models, and Data Structured
  • Implemented Proper Schema Format - Very Important for Google Index
  • Modern Design Layouts and Pages
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Good UI and UX
  • Fully SEO Optimize: Even Our Script Demo Site is LISTED TOP IN GOOGLE INDEX - Check its Google Rank 
  • Easy to Customize and Use
  • Clean Code
  • and even many more

Best Url Shortener Blogger Template - Demo
Best Url Shortener Blogger Template - Demo

URL Shortener script for Blogger 404 Page
URL Shortener script for Blogger 404 Page

Now it's time to Guide you for Installation Right!

How to Install and Use Premium Blogger URL Shortener Website Template in Blogspot?

The easiest part is to install any template in Blogger Platform so just follow below simple steps to make your own Url Shortener Blogger Website.

First Download it by Paying a very small amount it is for supporting our team to motivate and give value to our efforts. We are Building a Free version also so for that mail us.
Lowest Possible Price is ₹500 Only + We will Install and Make your Site Completly working with necessary customization in same price. No Extra hidden Cost Just Purchase Urlhubber - Premium Blogger Template from us and Get Official Support from My Team and avoid to Buy from anyone we are creater of this so get Support from us directly.
Payment Options for India is More and for Outside India - Paypal is Primary Source but you can request more.

Even I am available on Fiverr so Payment can also be possible from there as well.

Doing that you need to Send me Mail with the Subject as – Want to Make My Own Url Shortener Website Website. Mail Id: [You can Request for Free Version also ]and yes don’t mail scam messages as it is useless because I use scam protection on my Mail.

Second Step - Install in Blogger

No Need to Explain you in words just follow from below images.

Install Url Shortener Blogger Script Download
Install Url Shortener Blogger Script Download

Install Best Blogger Url Shortener Script
Install Best Blogger Url Shortener Script

Or Alternative Method / Different Method

Open Downloaded .xml file (URL shortener blogger script) in Notepad or WordPad or any editor and copy all the content script.
Next, click on Theme on your blogger dashboard then click on Edit HTML then select all the scripts then paste and finally click on the Save button. All Done Now
Now the Website is Ready to use no need to do any extra stuff to make it work. Everything is done automatically.

How to Customize The Blogger URL Shortner Script or  Insert Ads on Blogger URL Shortener

As I Already listed in features about easy to Customization feature so for putting ads you don’t need to go to the Edit HTML section to insert your ads.

So for doing it just go to the Layout section and you can see Section and Widget for Placing Ads with your ads.Also there are many things you can do with the Layout section.

Don’t worry! It has an easy-to-understand interface. You can learn to use it.

Finally, it's time for,


Now Our Technical Arp Team made this Premium Best URL Shortener Blogger Template Script and shared it with you. So now you can use this URL shortener script to earn money from the blogger platform.

We are using it and even my friends are using and earning a good amount better than using other's Websites.

So, It’s your turn now to make and earn! Just install this in the Blogspot URL shortener script and start earning money.

Please Message us for any information and questions or Queries.

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