Review: Is Free Keyword Research Tool Worthy? is a free keyword research tool with unlimited searches without any limits. Also, this website provides some popular tools like Google suggestion tool, Reddit suggestion, YouTube auto suggest, and some premium tools. But the question is whether these Keyword Intent tool is providing accurate info or even close to it or not. In this article about Review, I will try to put some examples and personal reviews.

Before let me tell you Keyword Intent is whole another concept in terms of Searches. So this website is not related to it. KeywordIntent website only helps you to get free keyword research data.

keyword intent tool website
Free Keyword Intent Tool Website

If you are a blogger like me then we already know how important keyword research is and to do SEO on blog posts. Finding a new keyword is always a challenging task and many beginners cannot afford popular paid platforms.

This is a newly created keyword research website and with other keyword suggestion tools, after reading this article you will be able to decide whether this keyword intent website is good to use or not.

Let's get started.

About Website

Keyword Intent website is a newly created platform providing free tools like keyword research, google query suggestions, YouTube, and Google Autocomplete query tools.

The website has a simple, modern, and clean design without any complex layout structure.

One can search for unlimited keyword searches without any limit and you can see up to 500 Keyword Suggestions. Also, you get the graph to see the trend for the last 1 year of that keyword.

At the time of writing this article, along with free tools they are also working on Premium Tools.

Keyword Intent Free Tools

The following are Free Tools offered by the website.

  • Free Keyword Research
  • Youtube Auto Complete
  • Google Auto-Complete
  • Google Suggestions
  • People Also Ask

Keyword Intent Website Premium Tools

The following are Premium Tools offered by the website.

  1. KGR Tool
  2. Reddit Topic Hunter
  3. Quora Question Finder
  4. Bulk Link indexer
  5. Bulk Link Index Checker
  6. Chrome Extension (coming soon)
  7. Google Scraper
  8. Bing Scraper

Well, We are not aware of how their premium tools work. Because pricing details and all are not listed on the website, so contact them and get all details about pricing and demo.

How To Use Website?

The website's main page offers a free keyword search tool where you can search your keyword to get search data. You can select the countries, language, and Intent of that Keyword or you can keep all that empty.

The Following Information, you will get as a result of your keyword search.

  • Search volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Paid Difficulty
  • CPC
  • Search Trend
  • Related keywords
  • SERP Biding range.

Is provide accurate search data?

When the website was just launched the search data was not accurate but now we can see some improvement on the website. But still, the data provided by the website is not accurate.

You can find below the image for Keyword "Keyword Intent" in the English Language for the United States.

  1. Image from Keyword Intent Tool
  2. Ubbersuggest

Well, I don't need to go for any other premium tool like Ahref or SemRush because they are premium tools and obviously better than any other free tool.

free keyword intent tool research data Research Data

Some more data - 

keywordintent tool keyword research
Keywordintent keyword Research Data

Ubersuggest Data for same Keyword - 

ubersuggest keyword intent search volume cpc
Ubersuggest Keyword Intent Search Data

Let me add my points -

  • The website is not updating its keyword database, as we are not able to find any results for most of the new keywords.
  • Keyword Difficulty is 100% not accurate it keeps on changing every time we search.
  • Don't trust CPC on any free or even premium tools - You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to know CPC.

Do your own analysis based on the above image and below What do you think and let us know in the comment section? Review

I would suggest you do not depend on this free tool for new keywords, you can use it for old keywords and get an Idea about them.

Also, there are YouTube Autocomplete and other suggestion keyword tools can be used from the website. This is good and the suggested keywords will help you to write a blog post quickly on any particular niche.

To conclude in one sentence - It is a good website with minimal afford one can find keyword suggestions and also use free keyword intent tool for keyword search. But don't blindly trust it, especially for new keywords and SEO difficulty.

Otherwise, the Website is really amazing for bloggers who cannot afford paid tools.

I hope you like this information about the Free keyword Intent tool for bloggers to get an idea about particular keywords.

Visit the website and give it a try and let us know your review or thoughts on this platform.

Comment down.

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Note: If you are the owner of this website then Thanks for providing this tool for free. Just make some more changes and it will become popular very soon.

You can also contact us if there is any update on the website.

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