Applovin Revenue Not Showing Problem Solved 2022

Applovin Revenue Not Showing  Problem Solved

Applovin Revenue Not Showing But Impressions are Showing, Why? Also, Applovin Earning is not Increasing | Applovin Earning Problem | Applovin Payment Not Showing and Many More.

Applovin Revenue Not Showing - Problem Solved 2019 - Technical Arp
Applovin Revenue Not Showing - Problem Solved 2020

So All this Problem or we can say Queries or Doubts will be clear after Reading this complete Article about Applovin Earning Not Showing - Fixed.

You can See in Below Image My Report of Applovin Account.

Applovin Revenue Not Showing - Problem Solved 2019
Applovin Revenue Not Showing - Problem Solved 2020

In this Report, we have 22 Impressions and 4 Clicks of one day but $0.00 Revenue. So What to do is Applovin Revenue not Showing? Or We Don't Earn a Single Dollar Revenue.

Many users are facing this problem at the beginning and get Demotivated. After they leave Applovin Ad Network platform Because they don't understand the real way of earning through this.

In this Article I will solve this problem So Please Read this Full Article or Watch Video if you know the Hindi Language.Video Link Click Me[YouTube Link Guys No Spam].

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Before Understanding Why Applovin Revenue Not Showing? We must first Understand How Applovin share Revenue with us?

Basically, Applovin is not like Admob which will give you earning when someone clicks on it. Yes, you read it right and I wrote it right.

Have you ever noticed Applovin Ads Coming in our App is only of Play Store apps a Ads? While in Admob there are different types of Ads like Some Website Ads and Play Store App Ads. Right

And in Applovin Ads is coming only and only of Play Store Apps. So If you see Impressions of these ads you will not get any Revenue. Yes

Applovin Ads Publisher Partners pay them only when someone installs there app. And Like Same Applovin Pays you only when Someone Install their app through there impressions.

That is Applovin Ads Network Pay for COST PER INSTALL ( CPI ). Applovin all ads are running on basics of CPI.

Don't Believe on me You can see Applovin Community article about Applovin Revenue not showing. Below Image from Official Applovin Team.

Applovin Revenue Not Showing - Official Article of Applovin Team
Applovin Revenue Not Showing - So Official Article of Applovin Team 

Demo Admob Sample - YouTube Video Saver App

Why I should Use Applovin Ads Network?

They are not giving you Revenue even you have thousands of Impressions and thousands of clicks.
Even though I am saying Applovin is one of best Admob Alternative in 2020. This Ad Network will not pay you with just a click but If someone Install App from that Impression.

Then You will get High Cost of it means High Cost per install ( CPI ). If you have any group so you can also do group earning through Applovin Ads ( It is famous for this only ).

At Last, I would only say that now you know Why Applovin Revenue not Showing? Problem Fixed. So Start Creating App and place Applovin ads.

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