Minify CSS, JavaScript and HTML in Blogger Template

Learn How To Minify CSS, JS, and HTML in Blogger template? by minifying blogger template using compress techniques to load website faster. All BlogSpot Blog Theme Code is HTML, CSS, Javascript which need to be Compressed for the Fast Loading of the website. After Minify CSS and javascript files will increase website speed.

Because blog speed is important for SEO to rank higher position on google search. So In this article, I will be sharing steps to reduce blogger website loading time by minifying a javascript and minifying CSS file of the blog.

To speed up your blogger template loading time we don't cutting your page load speed in half or anything, but defiantly it will help to speed up your website. Because In Google Page speed algorithm one of the important factors is website speed also important for moving search engine ranking.

For the WordPress platform, there are many plugins available to minify CSS and JavaScript but for the blogger platform, we need to do it manually using some online tools. In this article about Minify JavaScript, And CSS In Blogger learns very basic about its working and ways it will help to improve blogger template.

minify css and javascript blogger template increase website speed
minify css and javascript blogger template increase website speed

So, among many ways to increase blogger website loading time we shared earlier, now we can use online CSS minify and minify javascript tool compress CSS and Javascript of website. Read the complete article to learn everything about minifying CSS and JavaScript for Blogger blog.

Before let us know some basics of modification of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files.

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What is Minification of  CSS and JavaScript minification?

CSS minification is the process of removing unneeded code from CSS source files like comments, end semi-colon, remove indentation. By that reducing CSS file size without changing execution in the browser. As minification helps the browser download and process these files more quickly, increasing page performance and improving user experience.

Similarly, JavaScript file size is also compressed by removing all unnecessary characters from JavaScript source code like the removal of whitespace, comments, and semicolons, along with the use of shorter variable names and functions. By compact file size without changing the functionality of the Javascript code.

Minify JavaScript, And CSS In Blogger

Minify CSS and JS in Blogger template is built HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and mainly your template may not be already minified, so it's important to do it by minifying Blogger Template to load faster and optimize. This can be achieved by reducing the size of a web page by compressing blogger template CSS and JS coding.

CSS and JS minify tool can be used to minimize the coding of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML content it will automatically increase your blogger loading speed. Online Minifier tools remove blank spaces, comments, special characters, and other unused or unnecessary codes from a CSS or JavaScript code.

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Below is a simple example of CSS minify works.

How do you minimize CSS?

Unminified CSS can be easily minified manually if there are some lines of codes by removing comments, indentation, end semi-colon, and more. Below is a simple example of it.

Consider the CSS in the example below:

/* heading elements */

body {
    color: #33475b

h1 {
    font-size: 2rem;
    font-weight: 700;
    line-height: 2.75rem

h2 {
    font-size: 1.625rem;
    font-weight: 700;
    line-height: 2.25rem

h3 {
    font-size: 1.5rem;
    font-weight: 500;
    line-height: 2.125rem

/* other elements */

p, span {
    font-size: 1rem;
    font-weight: 400;
    line-height: 1.75rem

blockquote {
    font-size: 1.5rem;
    font-weight: 400;
    line-height: 2.375rem

ol, ul {
    list-style: none

table {
    border-collapse: collapse;
    border-spacing: 0

button {
    appearance: none;
    font: inherit;
    margin: 0


As we can see, this code contains line breaks, spaces, indents, and comments to make things more readable and understandable for us. However, the browser doesn’t need any of this information to run the CSS code because while parsing the files, it ignores these extra whitespaces and comments.

Larger files are generally taking more time for processing and ultimately slower website speed.

So after removing all unwanted code from CSS Here’s what the CSS example above looks like after minification:


It may be less readable to us, but to a computer, it looks and works the same.

Now time to know all steps of MINIFY CSS and JAVASCRIPT in BLOGGER

How to Minify CSS and JavaScript, and HTML in Blogger

We will learn to Make your Blogger Template load faster and know-how does minify a file CSS, js HTML step by step using online tools.

So follow each step properly and make sure to download your blogger template backup file in case if need to revert back all changes.

Therefore the time to know to compress CSS and JavaScript in blogger templates one by one.

Minify CSS in Blogger

To minify the CSS of the blogger template first take a backup of your template and open any online Minify CSS Tool.

Note: You can use our own Minify CSS tool for bloggers which is advanced and has Four options to minify your blogger template CSS file.

  • Open Blogger dashboard by logging in after clicking on the theme option.
  • Download a backup of your template and click on Edit HTML.
  • For Minify CSS press CTRL+F on your keyboard and find <b:skin> and press enter.
  • Copy the whole CSS code between <b:skin> and </b:skin>.
  • Visit Minify CSS Tool paste that code in the CSS code box and select all options press the "MINIFY" button.
  • Now You will get a minified version of CSS codes. Copy all code and delete old CSS from the template.
  • Replace with minified CSS between <b:skin> and </b:skin>
  • You can also check if more CSS is from your template and follow the same steps
  • Finally Click Save Template.

Now again Check your blogger speed on google page speed insights, you will see a better result not very low but slightly less. It is based on your CSS file template.

If you want to make your own tool visit: CSS compressor tool in blogger

You can also use any other tool available for free.

Know more about the minification process by clicking here

Wait! The next step is to minify JS or compress JavaScript for the blogger templates.

Minify JavaScript in Blogger | Compress JavaScript from Blogger template

The most important part of Minify CSS JavaScript and HTML in Blogger is to compress the javascript blogger templates. As JavaScript rendering on the browser takes more time than CSS so if you compress or minify javascript then it will definitely grow to increase website speed. Many Online Tools to Minify Your Files Manually are available you just need to copy and paste your JavaScript code, or you can upload and combine multiple js files and then minify.
So, This JavaScript Minify tool removes all extra spacing, indentation, newlines, comments and makes the Javascript more difficult to read when viewing the source but for the browser, it will take less time to compile. Also, one more benefit is it makes it more challenging to reverse or copy your Js.
  • Open Blogger dashboard and click on the theme from the sidebar.
  • Download your template backup file
  • For Minify JavaScript press CTRL+F, type <script>  and press enter.
  • Copy the whole JavaScript code. If there are more Scripts then follow the same steps one by one don't mix all code.
  • Open any Js Compress tool, paste that code in the JavaScript minifier box and press the "MINIFY/Compress" button.
  • You will get a minified version of JavaScript codes.
  • Go back to the Blogger HTML and replace that code.
  • Now you will get a better result on google page speed insights.

Now check on Google Page speed insights to know the increase in your blogger website speed.

The final step is to Compress Blogger HTML Template Code Online.

Note: Minify CSS and JS of blogger template is enough for page speed but if you still want to compress HTML file then make sure it doesn't remove any design or functionality of the website. You can try it but personally, I do not recommend doing that. Instead, you can try to follow the steps mentioned in our tutorial click -Increase Blogger website speed by Removing Blogger Default JavaScript CSS & Widget JS

Compress Blogger HTML Template Code Online

As I already noted above before we compress blogger HTML, it's recommended to keep a separate copy of the blogger HTML Template in case you need to change your template. Here is an online tool called HTML Compressor which allows you to Safely reduce the size of your blogger template HTML code.
This tool has many options like also compressing javaScript and minifying CSS coding or enabling or disabling the optimization of JavaScript and minifying CSS. Also, don't forget to select Code Type as Blogger from available options.

Therefore, Just follow the below steps to reduce the size of the Blogger Template HTML file.

  • Log in to Blogger dashboard.
  • Click on the Theme option and download a backup of the template.
  • Select All code by Pressing CTRL+A and copying all.
  • Now open HTML Compressor site to compress the blogger template.
  • Paste copied code in the source box.
  • Choose Code type as "Blogger" from the right side drop-down menu.
  • Now Press the "Compress" button.
  • Copy the whole compressed code and paste it into blogger template HTML.
  • Click Save open the website and check all functions working properly or not.

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That's it to Minify CSS, HTML, and JavaScript of blogger template.

How to Minify Your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Using an Online Tool

Online tools to minify CSS and JavaScript are many some of them only specially for CSS and some for both. But many of these online tools have a similar process which involves the following steps:

  3. JavaScript minifier
JavaScript parser allows you to compress and minify JavaScript files by up to 70% of their original size.
  • Copy your code and paste it into your code box.
  • Optimize using settings for a specific output (if options are available)
  • Click a button to minify or compress the code.
  • After Copying the minified code output or downloading the minified code file.
  • And replace with minified code.

How do I use CSS compression?

To minify a JavaScript file open any online tool to minify or compress javascript files, copy your script code one by one and paste it on the code box of any tool. After replacing normal javascript with minified javascript code.

Some useful scripts can be used by bloggers.


Final Words,

In conclusion of Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML in Blogger Template

So we learned to minify your HTML, CSS, and Javascript file it can be any file or blogger template also. I hope now your blogger website loads faster than before or any website. Also, let us know which Method for Minify CSS and JavaScript works for you to speed up your blogger blog. If you have any other method or tool then let us know in the comment section.

I tried to provide all information on "How to Minify CSS and JavaScript in Blogger BlogSpot" to help you to speed up the webpage. When you Minify CSS and JavaScript files, then the blogger will use fewer data to load.

See you in a new blog post.

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