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Want to know How to Minify CSS from Blogger template? or How to increase blogger website speed? If yes then use the CSS Minify Tool which is also known as the CSS compressor tool for blogger templates. By using the CSS minify tool for blogger templates we can compress blogger template CSS for making your webpage load faster than before.

Because as we all know the small size of CSS means decreased loading time of blogger/Blogspot websites. Also if you check your website speed using a google page speed checker then you can find unwanted loading of CSS in the blogger template. So we need to remove that by using Online CSS minify tool for blogger templates 

What is the CSS Minify Tool for blogger templates?

Website template editors or developers use the CSS Minifier tool for minimizing CSS files or compressing the structure of CSS code to make the file size smaller and lighter.

Working on Minify CSS Tool?

Online CSS Minify tool that works by detecting the unnecessary spaces and tags used by so many times and by removing those tags decreases the total size of your CSS file.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to reduce unwanted CSS loading from the blogger template.

  • First, take a backup of your template
  • Check website loading time by using Google Page Speed Insight
  • Now copy all CSS from the template and paste below code section
  • Use from available option and again paste on the blogger template.
  • That's it - You successfully compress CSS your blogger template 
You can again check website speed there will be an increase in your blog speed.

CSS Minify Tool