Applovin Approval Process [ Complete Guide ] Updated

Applovin Approval Process [ Complete Guide ] Updated - Applovin Sign in Problem Solved

Applovin Approval Process [Complete Guide ] 2019 Latest Update. Applovin releases its new Approval process for developers. Sign in problem solved in applovin. Can't Able to Log in follow this new Applovin Approval Process and Applovin Sign in Problem will be Solved.
Applovin Approval Process 2019 | Applovin Sign in Problem Solved
Applovin Approval Process | Applovin Sign in Problem Solved

It is Obvious if you want to Integrate your app with Applovin Developer must go through there Approval Process. You can read my post on How to Approve and Create Applovin Account but it was about the Last update about Applovin. Now there is some different about this time but more similar to the last one.

Many developers are facing a problem like
  • Applovin Sign in Problem
  • Can't Log in to Account
  • I signed up but my account was not approved yet
  • Not Seeing SDK Key
  • Not Able to access Account for Ads Placement
  • And Many More...
  • All this will be solved in this Article read this complete post and all your doubts will be solves
Before this Update, it was easy to Integrate your app with Applovin and place Ads in the app. So What is a new update? and Why this update came in Applovin? In this Article, we will see all the necessary detail that every Developer should know in Approval Process.

Lets First Go through

Why problem in Approving applovin account or Applovin Sign in Problem?

When you visit Applovin Sign up there are some basics details need to fill. It is easy to process right! But now the main Problem Occurs is to get access of your account i.e Dashboard to get your SDK Key for placing ads in your Apps.

Many users just sign up and wait for approval they might don't know Right Process or we can say the actual process to get approval. So read this article and solve applovin sign in problem.

What is this new Update in Applovin Approval Process?

Applovin is giving high value for its ads and they pay developer high amount of money than other Ad Networks (Also Read: Admob Alternative Ad Networks 2019 for thunkable and Android ). So they have to make sure about Apps is genuine and professional like it should not be for only earning (Serves Only Ads), must be easily usable and most Important it should be Published in Playstore.

Lets Guide to Approval Process According to Applovin -

Steps for Applovin Approval Process 

1. Create Applovin Account

Simply complete Applovin Signup process After that major part for approving applovin account will come next of it.

2. Email Verification

Most Important step is Email Verification and Replying to their Support team. Follow this Steps Carefully When you signup to Applovin you will receive mail from there team (See below Image: Example of Mail). About Mail Image...

Here they clearly state that Email that you are using for Applovin account must be your App Store mail i.e Email of your Google Play Console must be same as Applovin account if not then you must state that in replying mail.

And Also Developer Must provide Playstore link of an app for verification.

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3. Reply to Applovin Support team

It is very Important or we can say Compulsory for a developer to purchase Google play console. If you have it then you can reply to there support team. Send an email to from the email address that is listed on the Google Play Store.Before Applovin was approving if you send any Drive Link or other store link. But now in Applovin Approval Process it's not like before you have to be professional.

Read Applovin Official Statement
Applovin Approval Official Statement - Technical Arp
Applovin Approval Official Statement
If you don't have Play Console then the only option is to purchase it. And Don't try to use others play console they will easily catch you.

4. Confirmation Email

After replying to there support team you will receive again a new mail with the confirmation about your detail of apps.

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5. Applovin Account Approved

Congratulations If you receive mail from Applovin team by reviewing the App that you provided to their team. Now you can log in to your account and can get your SDK key. Now Almost Everything is Done. Start Using your Applovin Approve Account and Integrate into your app. Applovin has High CPC and Developer will get High Revenue from it.

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Applovin is paying more revenue than other ad networks so they updated their policy. Is this Update Good or Bad Update Let me Know your views on this update comment below?. If you are game developer then applovin will be a good option due to their video Interstitial are attractive then Admob.

Applovin Approval Process in 2019 is big deal for those you are new to App Development.Once you followed all above mentioned process wait for 2-4 Business Days you will soon receive Congrats Mail from Applovin. Applovin is growing rapidly so you must try it. Keep Visiting our site for Ad Networks Updates and tricks like Applovin Sign in Problem, Revenue Not Showing in Applovin, Get High CPC in Admob,etc

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