What is Blogging and Blog? How to Become a Good Blogger.

What are Blogging and Blog? How to Become a Good Blogger.

So, You are interested in Blogging and wants to start a blog[Great Idea!] 

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What is Blogging and Blog? How to Become a Good Blogger.

But Before starting it you need to understand What is Blogging and Blog? you need to get differences of each. On the Internet, you will find so many different opinion and view related to this topic. But I want to present it in a very simple and basic way. SO let's START.

Basic Terms:

  • Term 'Blogger' is derived 'Blog' it is an Online Journal or diary.
  • Blogger is a person who writes a blog(Journal) or content in a website
  • Blogging is the act for writing a content in Blog(Journal ) 
  • A post is a Pages of Journal or Chapter of it which are spread on a table of internet
  • The table is referred to a website

That's All Isn't it so easy, and it is basic fundamental and difference between all the terms used in Blogging by a Blogger.

Now lets we go towards some advanced terms.

Who is Blogger?

In Simple terms, I already stated above that 
A person who writes the content in a Blog and manages it is called as a Blogger.
Nowadays Blogging is becoming very popular because it gives a big platform for sharing Ideas, learn new things and connect to peoples.

How to Start to your Journey in Blogging?

Give a Proper Blog name and start writing your idea stories or any content you like and publish your post. And Don't Forget to Share it :)

Now Question arises is it Free?

  • For a Beginner, Google has provided a free platform for writing you and managing your blog content.
  • Every Google account older can use it for free.
  • Customize or managing your's content or blogs are very simple in Blogger.com provided by Google.
  • Easy to Use Easy to Customize Easy to pick free templates(Design) and also provide an security.
  • If you don't want to Publish your blog globally you can also do that by making it for your private use.

But Free Blogger can't provide an Excellent feature that is providing by Other Blogging Platform like WordPress.

WordPress also provides free blogging like google and with a much more advanced feature that is not available in Blogger.
And If you want Everything in your control you can buy Domain and host.

Remember if you are new to Blogging you must try Google Provide Blogger.com Only.


For a Beginner, I know that some are thinking that the process of creating blog post is Technical and Difficult to do.
But it's not like that it is very fast and simple process Only thing you need to know is to Operate Computer or even you can write it from your Smartphone also.

Knowledge of  HTML, CSS, Graphics Design is NOT Require (For Beginner).

If you can read understand simple step and able to type your Thoughts then you can create a blog. 

See my post on
hope you have got all the basic and clear all your query. If you like this Blog(Journal :) ) Please Share it and subscribe by Email.

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