Interesting Facts | History | Growth of YouTube

Interesting Facts | History | Growth of YouTube

So friends, this time I have come with an interesting topic.I'm going to tell interesting facts about YouTube's in this post.YouTube is world's number 2 search engine and no. 1 video sharing platform today. When YouTube was made, no one had ever thought that the publicly-contributed video website could pull it so big. Every internet user has been using YouTube at least one or it has heard about it at least. we can watch song, movies or even funny videos on YouTube we also learned the tutorial from here. Here are my top favorite YouTube facts that will blow your mind.

youtube facts
Facts about youtube

Founder of YouTube:

YouTube was made by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Javed Karim when he was the employee of PayPal. Earlier, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen formed the online dating website and started a company that names the company Tune In Hook Up.

This website meant that any other user can upload their own video over the Internet while Uploading from the other users did not decide whether to hook up these videos, but the idea that they were created completely failed, this method was not working properly. On Valentine's Day, was registered before it was "Rollform Equipment & Universal Tube" and then "UTubeOnline".

Very First video on YouTube:

YouTube's first video was uploaded on 23rd April 2005, in which jawed Kareem telling about the zoo (at America). In that video, Javed Kareem is telling about elephants trunks and praising them. And the video Title was "me at the zoo" and the duration of the video is about 0:18 second and uploaded at 8:27PM. The first comment came on the video that was 'interesting' by 'COBALTGRUV'. 

Google bought YouTube:

18 months after the establishment of YouTube, Google bought it for $ 165crore. But there was some bet on youtube selling on Google.

  • 1) All YouTube Employees Who Worked On Youtube Not To Remove.
  • 2) Youtube's first video will not be deleted too.
  • At that time, YouTube had about 67 employees who started working on Google after YouTube.

Some facts about youtube:

  • YouTube is uploading more than 100 hours of video every 1 minute. 
  • There are 44% women watching videos on YouTube and 56% are male. children love watching the cartoon on youtube.
  • YouTube's 10 most watched channels made 15 million to 75 million in 2015.
  • YouTube is banned from China, Iran, And Turki. Compared to other websites, YouTube has the largest HD video.
  • In 2013 everyone uploaded videos of their pets, the most were about the video of cats.
  • You can also play snake games on YouTube when video buffering but it was later removed.
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The most popular video on youtube:

As time went on, YouTube became even bigger, YouTube would be seen in every country in Asia today. Due to its high global presence, the site is localized in 56 countries and is available in 61 different languages. I'm going to tell you the most popular video on YouTube.

The growth of YouTube:

  • 1) In 2007 youtube launch 7 countries including the UK.
  • 2) In December 2008 youtube launches HD videos.
  • 3) Youtube crosses 1 Billion daily views in October 2009.
  • 4) youtube crosses 2 Billion daily views in may 2010 and launched the new kind of ad that is Trueview.

So friends will tell us how you felt about YouTube. We would like to post on such an interesting topic, then you can subscribe to our blog.

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