How to write Perfect Blog - Step by Step Ultimate Guide

How to write Perfect Blog - Step by Step Ultimate Guide

Blogging is not so easy task and also it is not so difficult to understand and write it perfectly. So getting an idea about How to write Perfect Blog is very Important for every blogger/writers. 

The perfect blog is not magical and you need a year of experience, yes it needs some practice but Once you get how to start? and how to make viewers get continuously readable on your blog article it will never be so difficult for writing blogs. Before going you must know basics of Blogging and Terms used in it read my post on What is Blogging, Blog and Blogger. 

Write a Perfect Blog
how to write a blog

After Reading this blog article about - 
How to write Perfect Blog - Step by Step Ultimate Guide | Technical Arp 

According to me, Blogging is nothing but like a Battle,

In this War of Battle, learn your enemy and improve yourself and write a perfect blog for at least participate in war and always try to win it :) By creating a better content as "Content is the King"

Following Curtain steps, make you learn more towards blogging and make your article readable and ultimately with Rich SEO.

So lets Started : [Secret: Don't write so long article, I will be writing it short and precise so read carefully ] here I will give you only Top 5 Ways to write an Effective blog.

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1. Open your Blog Post - With Bang Introduction 

Always try to open/introduce your blog post with curiosity and try to engage them at the start of your article as if you wrote a minding blowing article but at the start of it you lose to impress them, It is useless of full article as if you know -  "First Impressive it the last one " . It should be very straightforward by not making it so long like other does [Secret: Users newer read very long article] so I will make it simple and precise to understand. 

2. Write that way like you speak 

Most Impressive and also a traditional form of writing blog is to be casual, relatable and conversational. Make your audience feel like that they are talking to there friends. You write the post that pretends you as a person who is explaining about the article and can relate to as a person. Sometimes it is difficult to write the words we use will speaking. Before posting it try to read your post loudly and hear, Are you able to relate or able to read as natural, relatable and conversational, if no go and edit your sentence and make it relatable?.

3. Write in a proper format and structure.
Each blog we write has a heading, subheading, paragraph, images and many more so we should write it in a proper format. Now questions arise about how to make a proper format blog? well follow some fundamentals rule :

  • Write a bold headline/title of the blog- use the h1 tag
  • Use subheading in a bolded words
  • Write a short paragraph 
  • The title and first paragraph must contain your blog main keywords
  • If so Don't forget Images

4. Stay Updated in your blog post 
Always try to update your blog if any article related updates come.
Encourage your audience to comments- As good article is that your audience should also participate in your blog conversation 

  • Response to comments, tweets, emails or on any social media
  • Pay attention to your audience - It should not happen that your audience is interested in some topic and you stop writing on that topic.

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5. Conclusion 

Like Starting Conclusion is also very Important a better or perfect conclusion should have the following points:

  • Summarize all the Important/Key point of your article 
  • Ask a Questions to get a comment and make blog interactive at both ends. Ex

  1. Do you agree? or Disagree?
  2. what do you think about? Add some Idea in the comment section.

  • Ask the Audience to share your post and view there opinion  

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