Free Blog vs Paid Blog (Self-Hosting) - Difference and Benefits in Both

Free Blog vs Paid Blog (Self-Hosting) | Difference and Benefits in Both

Which Type of Blog Should I Use Free or Paid one? What is the Difference in both? and what type of benefit they provide?. So all this question will no longer come in your mind after reading this Post | Blog | Article whatever you says. I already wrote many posts on Blogging [What is Blogging and Blog? How to Become a Good Blogger.]. But Questions arises which type of platform do I use Paid one or Free one.

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Free Blog vs Paid Blog (Self-Hosting) - Difference and Benefits in Both 

Creating a Free Blog vs Paid Blog (Self-Hosting) - What's the Difference?

Free! Free! Free! Creating a Free Blog is Best kind of Blog Because it is Free! Right? Wait Don't be Too fast Read the Full article.

You will decide by yourself after reading the Following Point.

  • Site Web Address Name: You have created a blog and written an awesome content in it now you want to share your blog to other, you will share it by sharing a link of your site or you will give web address of your blog. But instead of sharing a link it is better practiced to Share a Web Address name and can be open without any use of the link isn't it is simple. So Keeping an Easy and best name is one advantage of Self-hosting.
Ex. [sitename] or [sitename] is not so good to remember then it is paid blog like usually, people forget to add .blogspot when try to search it on a search engine.

  • OwnerShip: On a free blog your content is only your property and all the others are actually not belongs to you and the provider can Shut Down your whole Blog at any time for a valid and strong Reasons: If you Spam or accidentally violate the rules.

Just Imaging all the hard work and time you dedicated in your blog will be lost completely. And it will hurt you lot?

  • Limited Plugins: Just like apps enhance your smartphone like that plugin expands the functionality of your Webpage. For some need and make it even more better you need to use plugins for that. Free Blog host will not provide you with some advanced gadget, widget or plugins in your site. You can how advanced the website is and responsive in different size of a device is achieved by using some plugins.

  • Advertisement: You can earn from both Free blogging as well as Paid blogging Site. But in free blogging, there are very limited options or can say very few options. You cannot make use of Ads Network Provider [Top 5 Ad Network for Blog and Website and Earn] and not able to use affiliate marketing. free blogging greatly reduces the scope of your earning.  

  • Limited Storage Control: For a free Blogging, you're limited on the amount of storage so after using all the given storage it will end for your blog media posts.For paying option if your budget is more you can access unlimited storage option.
If you want to add more images, video or any media in your next post you need to delete the previous one, then only you will be able to do so.

Those are top Five Benefits and Difference in Free Blog and Paid Blog. The Points stated above will give enough idea about Choosing Self-hosting blog if you are serious about your profession and if not you can practice it in free blogging.

I hope Now you are able to decide according to your need which one you will prefer. Comment Below :)
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