Understanding Types of Blogging then Select Properly

Understanding Types of Blogging then Select Properly

Blogging is a very powerful word which always used in an Internet world and even you also heard it so many time. If you are thinking to start a blog[Great idea!] then we need to know all the basics of blogging and types of Blogging. I already wrote an amazing blog on What is Blogging and Blog | Basic of Blogging and I suggest you must check it before going through this one.

types of Blogging
how many types of blogging

So basically I am going to Explain to you about types of Blogging, not about types of Blog.

Different Types of Blogging

#1.Niche Blogging

Niche Blogging means writing a blog in a particular and fixed kind of stuff blog topic or subject. For Example write a blog/content in a site in on an only particular topic like an online test, Phones, sports, thought, etc. This type of blogging is done by any institute or company for their products. It is the most used blogging type all around the world. Niche Blogging may be a single Niche Blogging and Multiple Niche Blogging[But  not more than 2-4 topics]

#2.Personal Blogging

Personal Blogging is types of the blog not just Sharing their information but also communicating in their personal language with their emotional touch. Mostly this kind blog is written by a person for sharing their memory with friends and colleagues. A person with a huge social community also uses personal blogging.


Micro-Blogging is a blog used to post short messages, Idea, discussion, and many more interactive things. One can share images, links, and videos so basically, here creator of it once create it and just manage it all the contents are given by visitors. Biggest Example of Micro-Blogging is Twitter.

#4.Review Blogging

As a name suggests Review Blogging is done for reviewing products like smartphones, camera, apps, books, and many other products. A visitor can also share their opinion and reviews on a review blog so this type of blogging is interactive blogging.

#5.Script Blogging

Script Blogging is not for a starter it is for an expert, and you need basic knowledge in programming like HTML and PHP. In this type of Blogging, Scripts are used and uploaded in Php hosting. Scripts can be of wishing festivals, Loot Scripts or any other scripts. The advantage of script blogging is it can become viral on social media and you can earn huge amount of money by placing ads. Read- Top 5 Ad Network Provider and Earning Methods.

#6.Education Blogging or Technical Blogging

Education Blogging is the first choice for a beginner as it is best of all because from you share your knowledge and even gain knowledge by practicing. This type of Blogs are the perfect blog and earning is also too good.

#7.Event Blogging 

Event Blogging is a type of blog which is nothing but a summary of an event. In this type visitors are more as all the persons in an event will go through it and many event member and persons share it to their contacts. Event Managing Community mostly uses this Event Blogging.

Understanding Types of Blogging then Select Properly
Types of blogging

All The Basic and Most Used Types Of Blogging is Mentioned in this Blog Post. And it is enough for you to get and much more idea about Types of Blogging.

Tips For Becoming a PerFect Blogger.

  • You must continuously write blogs
  • Don't Blog Just for Money Be passionate about it 
  • use Meta tags it will help you lot

That's all about in this post if you want to get more on it Follow us and if any problem or issue regarding blogging Just Comment below about it.
If you are intended to start Blogging you must read Free Blog vs Paid blog (self-hosting).

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