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I recently learned about the website and its affiliate program for publishers and advertisers. Many Bloggers want to earn some extra bucks by offering sponsor posts or guest posts on their websites.

I was also looking for Selling Guest Posts on my sites to make extra income and found the Collaborator website. As the name suggests it is a collaboration between direct advertisers and publishers.

On the Collaborator website, a list of unique high DA sites and even Telegram channels can also be listed to monetize your content.

So, If you are interested to know more about its Affiliate Program, Website Reviews, Payment Options, and more details then this article is for you.

Let's get started.

About Collaborator

collaborator pro buy and sell guest posts review
Collaborator Pro Buy and Sell Guest Posts

A collaborator is a content marketing marketspace where website owners or contributors can easily add their sites to their platforms to get sponsored posts directly from advertisers.

Collaborator is a marketplace where site owners make contact with customers of guest posts. Our customers are business owners, marketers, SEO, and PR specialists.

According to the website -

It is an Direct advertising exchange, which connects the advertiser and the publisher of the site (information sites, media, blogs, publishing houses, portals). Goal — advertising placement in the form of guest posts around the world.

The following are ways to make money using this content marketing marketplace.

  1. Monetize a Website - Add your site and make money by posting articles and post releases.
  2. Make money on Telegram - Add your Telegram channel and earn by placing ads.

The collaborator works in two currencies hryvnias and dollars.


  1. Quality sites with a live audience and confirmed traffic data: SimilarWeb, Google Analytics.
  2. Ability to leave a review on the work with the site and read reviews of other advertisers.
  3. Free warranty from deleting links - 3 months.
  4. Handy badges "Quick Placement", "Editor's Choice" and others.
  5. Handy and quick filtering sites.
  6. Low commission for deposit and withdrawal of funds from the system.
  7. Constant expansion of the assortment.
  8. Announcement on the main. We agree with the publishers of the sites to place advertising articles with announcements on the main and relevant categories, and not in the basements or special advertising sections.
  9. Clean and Handy interface.
  10. Ability to order the writing of an article on the side of the site, as well as offer to publish their own finished article.
  11. Quick and quality customer support in online chat mode.
If you liked our article and this hidden platform then don't forget to join the program using our link.
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Guest Posts

How to Add Sites in Collaborator Website

collaborator pro submit add websites
Collaborator Pro Submit Add Websites

  1. First Register on-site.
  2. Click "Add Site".
  3. Enter the address of your site
  4. Confirm ownership of the site with one of the options:
  5. Google Analytics — priority option confirmations;
  6. HTML file - alternative option
  7. Another way is by Filling out a comment question and submitting it for moderation, It will help you to confirm ownership / Contributor of the site with an alternative method.
  8. Fill in the data and price for the article and press release on the page.
  9. Wait for the moderation of your site (after moderation, you will receive a notification by email).

If you confirm site ownership through Google Analytics, the platform will only display general traffic statistics for 6 months to clients.

No other information is used or transmitted.

If you confirm ownership of the site by other methods, we will display information about site traffic according to

Requirements to Submit Sites

To put your site on their listing your sites must pass their minimum requirements like DA, Traffic, Ranked Keywords, and more.

According to the official website below are a few checks performed on moderating step:

  1. Authority (trust)
  2. Niche
  3. Audience engagement
  4. Design;
  5. Content layout
  6. And other parameters.

Following are some other parameters terms

  1. They accept sites with visits from 5 thousand/month. However, there may be exceptions depending on the subject and the value of the site by other criteria.
  2. We do not accept sites that contradict the law and violate copyright, as well as sites that do not comply with generally accepted norms.
  3. If in our judgment, you have not indicated a market value, we reserve the right to refuse to add the site to the directory.
  4. Administration reserves the right to reject the site unilaterally.

Payment Withdrawal in

The Platform charges a 15% commission for the withdrawal of funds from the system.

Depending on the currency of the account, different withdrawal methods are available.

For accounts in dollars:

  • PayPal (on request);
  • Payoneer (on request).

For accounts in hryvnia:

  • Bank cards Ukraine;
  • from Individual Entrepreneur to your Individual Entrepreneur or LLC, Private Entrepreneur (on request);

* Additional commission of the payment system is also possible

There are minimum withdrawal amounts of payments

1) For payments in hryvnias to bank cards. For accounts in UAH the minimum withdrawal amount is 150 UAH;

2) For USD payments on Payoneer - 50 dollars.

3) Payments in dollars on PayPal - 50 dollars.

4) Payments in USDT — 100 USDT.

The maximum amounts of payments are present for payments in hryvnias to the bank cards, Ukraine — 14 900 UAH. Affiliate Program

Unlike other Guest Post or Sponsor Post Marketplace, Collaborator offers a lucrative affiliate program that can be a good source of your revenue stream.

Following is a quick summary of their affiliate program

  1. You get 25% from the commission of the collaborator for each recharge of the account by your referrals.
  2. You get 1.50 USD for each site added to the system by your referrals. Only in cases when the site was approved by the administration of the collaborator.
  3. Receive commissions from each deposit indefinitely
  4. No minimum payout
  5. When clicking on your affiliate link, the attracted referral is marked in cookies for 14 days - This means if you brought the referral through an affiliate link and he left the site, but then returned a few days later and registered - we will assign it to you.

You can register now and Join the affiliate program by using our affiliate link - Sign Up Now

After registration is completed, you can access your dashboard with statistics of your referrals. You will see registrations, payments, incomes, and the total amount of revenue.

Collaborator Pro Reviews

To be honest the platform is not that popular in many countries and very few reviews are available online like in Trustpilot.

So, Below are some Trustpilot reviews about the collaborator website.

4.3 out of 5

Collaborator is love from the first click. I have been using this service for a long time and I am very satisfied. Intuitive interface and cool support team! It's a pleasure to work with this service as a site owner. TOP platform for monetizing your site.

Large catalog with a variety of filters. There is integration with Ahrefs and Serpstat. Everything is high quality, simple and fast. Very attentive customer service. Always help. There is a profitable affiliate program. I have been working with Collaborator for 3 years and will definitely continue.

Great service for getting backlinks. Nice prices, good support team and convenient functionality. Super!

Great list of sites and it's constantly growing. There are sites that work only with this system. Official integration with Ahrefs. The main indicators (DR, UR, backlinks, etc) are in the catalog. And there is an affiliate program - a 25% commission.

Well, there are very few reviews available online, so Is it paid or genuine? cannot be determined.

But, Wait a minute!

I personally joined this program to try it.

So, According to my review - The website is really good in design and features to get orders, support is excellent, and an amazing referral program.

I earned $30 in 1 week from orders of $20 and $10.

make money collaborator pro earning
Make Money By Selling Guest Posts on Collaborator Pro Earnings

The minimum Payout is $50 so I will be waiting to earn $20 then will update my payment payout experience.

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Final Words

Well, the Platform seems legit and useful for bloggers or telegram channel owners who are looking to monetize sites and telegram channels.

I hope you like our Collaborator.Pro Review and detailed article about the platform and its Affiliate Program.

You can check more details by visiting the official website and deciding whether to join them or not - Learn More.

If you liked our article and this hidden platform then don't forget to join the program using our link.

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Give it a Try

To Sell Guest Posts

Time for your inputs - If you have any questions, or have any experiences with any other platform or website then let us know in a comment below.

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