ySense is Real or Fake? ySense App Review 2023

ySense previously known as Clixsense is a popular online survey website to earn extra bucks by completing paid surveys, offers, tasks, and more. You can find tons of positive reviews and users who had made more than $20k to even $100k from just this website. Well, to make good money use ySense refer and earn affiliate program to earn regularly as a passive income.

There is a lot more than surveys, you can find different types of ways available on their website to earn some extra bucks by spending a few hours or even mins per day.

But the question is, Does ySense Pay? and Is it a Legit Platform or ySense is Real or Fake? We will learn more in this article.

ysense real or fake ysense app review
Is ySense Legit - Review

This article will guide you with details on how to earn money from ySense in 2023 with a full review.

Let's get started.

What is ySense and How does ySense work?

ySense is a get-paid-to (GPT) type of site that offers online paid surveys, tasks, offers, watching videos, installing apps, doing simple tasks, and much more.

It is a very popular website and according to Alexa, it ranks one among the top 6000 websites in the world.

Now, how it works and pays you.

Suppose, your company needs market research data for your products or services then Online survey sites like ySense runs their paid surveys on sites. So, make sure you provide truthful answers to get rewards by completing surveys.

How to Make Money on ySense?

Usually, Users think that they can make money by completing surveys. But there are many types of ways available on websites to make extra income without taking surveys.

Following are some popular methods or ways to earn cash from ySense.

  • Earn Cash Amount by Taking Surveys
  • Complete Offers and Get Rewards
  • Daily Checklist Bonus
  • Weekly Contests
  • Participate in Different Tasks to Make Extra Income
  • Refer and Earn Affiliate Program

ySense Affiliate Program

ysense refer and earn affiliate program review
Refer and Earn Affiliate Program

The most profitable way to use earn cash from the ySense Survey website is from their Affiliate programs to earn regular passive income.
Terms Affiliate Program
Sign Up Link Click Here to Join
Sign Up Commissions
  • $0.10 from Tier 2 Countries like India, Nigeria and more.
  • $0.30 from Tier 1 Countries like US, UK , Canada and more.
Activity Commissions
  • 1-100 users 20%
  • 100-200 users 25%
  • 200+ users 30%
  • Additional $2 when your referral user earn $5 from surveys

If you focus on the affiliate program you can make more than $10k - $20k per year or even more depend on your work. You can find tons of proof online making a good amount from the site.

pritam nagrale ysense review
Pritam Nagrale Earnings

For example One of my favorite YouTubers Pritam Nagrale made over $150k in the last 4 years as a passive income. Yes! it's true.




Share ySense with your friends and watch your earnings grow. You will earn up to 30% of what your referrals make!

ySense is Real or Fake

As I mentioned many users have earned more than $10k per year or even more. So, Is it Really Pay?

Yes, ySense is the most trustable online survey or GPT website which has paid millions of users. Mostly using the Refer and Earn program many users are making regular passive income which works fine.

The Prodege Company from the USA acquired Clixsense and renamed it.

So, basically, It is a legal and real website to make some extra cash in your free time.

ySense Surveys

ysense surveys review
Make Money using Online Survey Website 

Apart from the refer and earn program to increase your online income taking surveys can pay you daily to make a regular income.

How much does ySense pay per survey?

Once your registration is completed and your profile details are filled properly then check available surveys for your account.

The amount you earn per survey is not fixed but you can earn at least $0.30 to $8 per survey depending on spending time. Some of them might take 10 mins to complete with $1 and some might take 15 mins for $3. So, amount per survey is not fixed.

To get more surveys in your account daily then regularly log in and give 30 to 40 mins a day. You can approximately make $3 to $20 can be made by just taking surveys.

How to Cash out on ySense

Cashout at ySense can be done directly to their PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, or in form of a Gift voucher card options in popular companies depending on your location.

Note: You can withdraw a maximum of 2 times in a day.

  • Payoneer (Min Payment: $52)
  • Paypal (Min Payment: $10 & Max: $500 a day)
  • Skrill (Min Payment: $5.05)
  • Rewards / Gift voucher

Note: In some cases, there might be a delay in the withdrawal process but you will get your income. You can contact their support team anytime in case of any issues or help.

How to join ySense?

Registration is completely free and it will cost nothing to start earning from ySense. So, If you want to try this website then follow a simple process to join it.

Sign up for free

Give it a Try

To Earn Real Money

  1. Click this signup page.
  2. Enter your email & password and click on the ‘Join Now' button.
  3. Open your Email and Click on the confirmation link in your email to activate your account.
  4. Enter your profile details If asked
  5. Your registration process is completed.

How to delete ySense Account

In case you want to close your account for any reason then you can easily delete your account in just one click. Following is a simple process to delete your account.

  • Login to your account
  • Visit the Profile and Settings page
  • Now, in the bottom right-hand corner, you will see the following option: Close or Terminate Account
  • Click on Close or Terminate Account and your account will be deleted forever.

ySense App Review

ysense app review ysense surveys review
ySense App Review

If you don't want to miss any surveys or offers then you can install ySense App and it will help you to find new opportunities in your hand.

Also, the Addition way to earn cash is by playing games on your mobile phone is one of the newer earning opportunities which is available only in their apps.

You can find ySense App on Android Play Store as well as in App Store.

Sign up for free

Give it a Try

To Earn Real Money

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ySense pay through PayPal?

Yes, Minimum Paypal Cashout is $10, and Your First and Last Name on ySense MUST MATCH EXACTLY Your First and Last Name on your Paypal Account.

How to get more surveys on ySense?

To get more surveys the best way is to provide real, honest opinions and appropriate answers to complete more surveys without manipulating them.

How much can I earn from ySense?

Basically, there is no limitation on your earnings, You can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from ySense depending on your work.

Final Verdict

Time for the conclusion.

So, In this article, we learned about the popular online survey or Get Paid To website called ySense. Which is working great for decades and helping users to earn extra bucks by doing simple tasks on their website.

There is proof that thousands of people are working as a part time and making really good side income per month using this single website.

Some users may not find it helpful because surveys can pay low payment as per the time duration it takes to complete. Also depending on your location you might not get many surveys to find one they qualify for and get paid for it.

I personally joined this site and making this article to get referral commissions from this website. Because, I already tried this website and it is given payout regularly without any issues. If you want to try it then Join now.

That's it for this ySense App Review or website review.

If you want to join and want try this platform for free then you can join using our referral link from below.

Join Now for free

Give it a Try

To Earn Real Money

Time for your inputs - If you have any questions, or have any experiences with this or any GPT website then let us know in a comment below.

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