Most Popular Blog Categories and Ideas for 2019 | #3 Will change your view

Most Popular Blog Categories and Ideas for 2019 | #3 Will change your view

Intent to Start a blog, That's Great!

You are reading this article then I think you already know first step Basic of Blogging and Blog. And now you are thinking the second step that is On which types and topic do I make Blog?

This is the most common question that comes in mind of everyone about On Which topic do I write? and which are the most popular Blog categories and Ideas. Now, lets we share the most popular blog ideas from which you can start with a boost.

most popular blog topic of 2019

So Without wasting a single second and let us dive into it.

12 Most Popular Blog Topics with Estimated Google Index Pages

#12. Gaming Blog

Estimated Google Index Pages: 322,000+ Are you Gamer? then start with this type of Blogging. Gaming community shares their skills, game updates, tricks, tips, and many gaming related blogs. One can also write articles on latest updates, gaming hardware, game cheats, etc. So if you are passionate about gaming then start doing these Gaming Blog.

#11. DIY Blog

Estimated Google Index Pages: 395,000+ Why not start a Blog if you are good at DIY? Post some interesting DIY activities and you will get a huge audience. These type of blog is gaining more visitor and become viral.

#10. Sports Blog

Estimated Google Index Pages: 611,000+  Sports Player always prepare and train themselves by practicing and reading articles related to their field so if you want to start Sports Blog then there are many audiences for it.

#9. Fitness Blog

Estimated Google Index Pages: 748,000+ fitness freak wants to learn or teach other start making blogs on body weight loss, gaining, muscles improvement and many fitness related articles. Fitness is not a trend #stayfit #befit in all our world, so why not take advantage of it and start a blog.

#8. LifeStyle Blog

Estimated Google Index Pages: 896,000+ One of the most popular types of a blog on the internet is Lifestyle. There are many peoples who love to read this blog as it has varieties of a topic to cover. Becoming a Lifestyle Blogger will definitely improve your personal growth like confidence, a good SEO Blog and many more.

#7. Technology and SEO Blog

Estimated Google Index Pages: 1340,000+ there is no need to say anything about Technology Blog as all of you know that what power of it and writing a blog on this will gain massive visitor and it is hard to rank on Google due to a big competition in it. So Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to rank it. SEO blog gets more audience than any other because SEO is the most priority of all Blogging.

#6. Movies Blog

Estimated Google Index Pages: 1830,000+ Why Movies Blog is so popular? I think you already guessed it because their lots of movies are out on every day and people come to this type of blog and read updates and review of movies. You can do it if you are crazy about watching every movie so create a blog and post reviews in that.

#5. Food Blog

Estimated Google Index Pages: 2190,000+ it is another most popular blog topic. A reader gets attracted to your recipes. If you are owning a restaurant then you must do Food Blogging.

#4. News Blog

Estimated Google Index Pages: 2200,000+ trending news, latest news, updates news, and many other types of news comes every single second and if you are writing News Blog then you must be active on the internet to grab news and write an article to it. Everybody wants to get updated on latest news and kinds of stuff so there is a lot of visitor in this type of Blogs.

#3. Travel Blog

Estimated Google Index Pages: 2240,000+ I really got amazed by seeing stats of Travel blog in my thinking I thought News blog must be popular than it but I was wrong. News Blog is mostly limited to there nation only as everyone is not interested in other nation or even other states. But peoples are visiting exotics place in all over the world so guys if you travel all over the world or even in your nations tourist attraction places you can start travel blogs.

#2. Fashion Blog

Estimated Google Index Pages: 3380,000+  Most popular among internet in all around the world is Fashion. A fashion blog is not so popular earlier but due to online shopping, it came into the internet with a boost. Many people just for earning start fashion blogging by affiliate marketing in which if a visitor purchase a product from your blog link you get the commission from it. This is also major reasons to trend fashion Blogging.

#1. Music Blog

Estimated Google Index Pages: 5670,000+ can you see the massive difference in Google Index Pages compare to all other it is a most popular blog all on the internet. The wide audience who loves to watch trending songs, cultures and norms not just from their nation but from the whole world. Music has huge potential and by which you can write a blog in the different form of music like metals, jazz, pop, on famous singers, best music and lot more.

That's it :) Well if you read full article then congrats to me.

Now once you have selected on which topic you are interested then it is time to start making a blog. Now the Question is Which type of Blogging Platform I Choose? then you must read my this article on Free Blogging vs Paid Blogging.

Finally, Go to my article on Write a Perfect Blog step by step guide for Beginner to Blogging.

I hope you liked this article and Top 12 Popular Blogging topics and also stats of each. Please do share with your friend and anybody from your contact who are looking for this type of article Blogging or want to start a blog.

Last Words Thanks For Visiting :) 
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