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Diwali Wishing Pro Script For Blogger...

Hello friends,
Today I brought two Diwali wishes just for you and it is completely free to use and upload to your site or blog. There are two scripts one is best and the other is more than best so take a demo and download both of them and choose which one will take from them as both are good.    
If you want to see the demo Just scroll down you will see a video regarding my this Diwali Wishing script from that youtube video of me I have shown all the detail about this Diwali Wishing Script

Pro Wishing Script for free
The free script is for those who hosting free or paid in this script some extra features are available as a dynamic design, share with name & ad put no. of an ad on it.



     1) Click on the given link.
     2) Copy the HTML [Properly].
     3) Paste the copied code into your blogs.

Preview Of Scripts:- At the End of this Blog you will get a youtube video from that video you can preview 

Script1:- This Script contains a timer that is if you see it before Diwali you can see time remain in Diwali. And once Diwali day comes time will be gone.[Magic]

Diwali Script 1
Diwali Script 1

Click Here For View File Script:-

script 1 

Script2:- Same Script but does not contain a timer in it.

Diwali Script 2
Diwali Script 2

script 2

 for more information regarding this topic watch video:

Video Source- From my own youtube video Technical Arp

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