(Proof) Roposo App: Earn and Refer Unlimited Paytm Cash upto ₹80 per Refferal

(Proof) Roposo App: Refer and Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash up to ₹80 per Referral 

 Image Source- Roposo Official Banner Image
Roposo Official Banner

Roposo Refer Overview of Earning. 
  1. Reward: Rs 20 to Rs 80 for Each Referral (Random Amount)
  2. Reward method: Directly in  Paytm Cash
  3. Minimum Redemption: Now it is ₹20-25, Paytm Wallet after referring to your Dost :).

Roposo Paytm Cash Loot',  Roposo App Loot: Refer and Earn Unlimited Paytm Cash [with Minimum Redeem]!! Hello guys!! Let's earn more Free Paytm Cash from this all-new offer and gifts from Roposo App. here you will get Cash directly in your paytm with very minimum Redeem Option.

Steps by steps to Earn Paytm cash from Roposo Play and Earn Offer:

1. Primary Step is to Download Roposo App: Click on the image as per your OS
                     Apple Store
                     Android Store

2. Now open  Roposo App and Signup and login number must be in paytm account ).
    and Complete Signup Process.

3. After that Now Enter in  Earn section it is like a Gold coin at Top right side of screen Shown below.

Opening Page

4. Now Best Step, now you are able to see the play button so you have to play to win cash and after that, it will choose any one random contact number listed in your device. Now Send the referral link to that selected friend and ask them to join Roposo.

Play and Earn page

Earned Page

NOTE:  you will not be rewarded for referring friends without Play and Earn process( It will not pay you ),

Well, Once you will get all of your referral money now by one click you can redeem your can directly into Paytm.

Technical-arp-Paytm Cash Proof :


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