Vidmate Cash App Review: Daily Earning App Real or Fake?

Vidmate Cash App is an online money-making app that provides you with different ways to earn money while using this app. Do you love to spend your time watching videos? usually, people use YouTube or Facebook or Instagram, or any platform to watch videos. But What If I say you can make money by watching videos in Vidmate Cash App?

Yes, there may be many applications that allow users to earn some bucks but Vidmate Cash is different. Along with daily earning opportunities, you can use your Vidmate referral code or invite code to refer friends and earn some rupees.

vidmate cash app
Vidmate Cash App

In this Vidmate Cash App review, I will share all the app's details that will help you understand more about this daily money-making app.

Below is some topic that will be covered in this review article.

  • What it is and how it works
  • The App is real or fake
  • This App is Safe or Not?
  • how to use a new invite code or referral code?
  • Withdrawal and Coins reward

And many more.

Let's get started.

What is Vidmate Cash?

Videmate Cash is one of the best video-downloading apps for android users and a daily money-making app that allows users to earn vidmate coins that can be converted into real money. If you are looking for a trusted platform then this is for you to watch ads and earn money in India.

Users can earn money by watching videos, finishing daily tasks, referring friends, and opening apps on daily basis to earn free coins.

Along with earning opportunities, the Vidmate app can be used to download videos and audio from different social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Earn a daily bonus just by opening the app every day which you can convert into rupees. And If you are a short video lover like reels then you can find short videos.

How Vidmate Cash App Works?

Basically, the Vidmate Cash app allows you to download videos, internet browsing, daily login bonus, and make money by watching videos and ads.

The App contains its own internal safe browser, bookmarked sites, short feeds, a free music player, a wallpaper downloader, an online TV streaming service, and many more.

Users can search directly using this app for surfing the internet or watching movies in one place without using different apps for each activity.

Note: Earning model is only available in India and Indonesia.

Features of Vidmate Cash

Following are some features that you can see on the vidmate cash app.

  • User-friendly, Safe, and Secure
  • Legit Earning Apps in India With No Investment.
  • Convert Videos to Audio
  • Downloading Music & Wallpapers
  • Different downloading options like quality and format
  • Save WhatsApp statuses to your local storage
  • Watch and save Shorts (short videos)
  • Play a Variety of Games
  • Earn Money By Installing Apps
  • Earn Money by doing simple tasks
  • Refer and Earn Free Coins
  • And Many more.

How To Install Vidmate Cash App?

You won’t be able to find VidMate Cash App on Play Store, because it also allows users to download videos from YouTube. So, such type of app cannot be uploaded into the Play store. But is it Safe to install using an APK file and use?. Yes.

Below are simple steps to download Vidmate Cash App.

  • Go to their Official Webpage - - Open
  • Scroll down and Click on the "Install Now" Button
  • The Vidmate Cash Apk file will start to download in a few seconds
  • After the download completes, Install it from the file manager
  • Open the app and use it.

Now, time to share a number of ways to make money with the Vidmate App.

How to Earn from Vidmate Cash

vidmate cash app earn money
Earn Money Online from Smartphone Vidmate Cash

Below are different techniques you can leverage to earn money.

  • Once you download the app, you'll be asked to create a free account. As a result, you get a sign-up bonus on registering yourself as a user!
  • If you've forwarded your invitation code to someone else, you (the referrer) will get reward points when the invitee uses your code to create a new account on it.
  • All users even get daily check-in rewards by opening the application daily.
  • If you’ve set your eyes on redeeming your coins, you can earn up to ₹500 in a single day!
  • There are absolutely no restrictions on sharing your referral code or link!

Following are a number of ways to earn daily using Vidmate Cash.

  • Daily check-ins.
  • Watching Ads
  • Installing Apps
  • Playing games
  • Referring to others with your invitation codes.

Let me again remind you Earning model is only available in India and Indonesia.

Vidmate Cash Referral Code and Invite Code

In Vidmate Cash refer code is generated after you register yourself as a user in the app then your unique invite code is generated and when you invite users with your code to create a new account you will earn a referral bonus.

How To Withdraw Money from Vidmate Cash

A minimum of 50000 coins worth at least 5 INR may be cashed out. You can wit in your Paytm or Gcash Account.

Following the below withdrawal process to get real money from your Vidmate coins.

  • Open Your Account in the app
  • Go to your profile and click on wallet
  • Click on withdraw
  • Select the amount you want to withdraw and click next
  • A page will be open and it will be displaying Withdraw Gateway and Progress
  • When your withdrawal is successful, you’d receive a notification

That's it.

Vidmate Cash App Review

Vidmate Cash is Real or Fake?

Now, coming to a most important question, Is it a Legit App to make money?

In India, Many users are already aware of the Vidmate App that is still helping millions of users to save videos directly into their devices.

So far, Vidmate Cash is a legit and real app that provides free coins which can be withdrawn into your Paytm account.

Vidmate Cash App is Safe or Not?

According to the official website - The app is 100% safe, with its security validated by numerous virus and malware detection engines such as Lookout and McAfee, as well as CM Security.

Note: All the Above information is collected from the internet stand we don't find any negative reviews at the time of writing this article. If you found then let us know in the comment section or you can contact us anytime.


I hope this article helps you to get an overview of what is Vidmate Cash App and how to earn from it. and more details related to the app.

As per users, the app is working fine and many users are earning good by watching ads and making money in India. Also, by doing daily task user can earn a good amount by sitting at home.

Honestly, We personally have not tried this app, so before using it make sure you do strong research for earning purposes. I tried to put all information that I can help you to understand about this application.

That's it for this article. If you would like to add your thought or input then the comment section is open for you.

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Disclaimer: Downloading YouTube Videos without the permission of the content creator with the help of other apps is against their policies. I do not promote or encourage these things in any way. If you found it a good app for earning purposes or not then the final decision is up to you. This post is only for educational, informational, and content writing purposes and is not intended for any harmful purposes.

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