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In 2022, over 40% of all websites are powered by WordPress, and an average WordPress site has around 30 plugins, quite often more than 50. Picking the right plugins, checking them out, and testing their compatibility with other plugins, page builders, or themes is now made super-easy with TasteWP.

create wordpress testing website tastewp review
Create WordPress Testing Website with TasteWP

TasteWP in general provides free WordPress test sites, that people use to check out plugins and themes, create staging sites and play around with WordPress. However, there are some cool features that make TasteWP especially interesting for plugin users and developers.

The fastest way to check out a WordPress plugin on a test site

What distinguishes TasteWP from any other WordPress testing service, is the fastest way for users to check out any WordPress plugin available in the official WordPress plugin repository. You can quick-start a demo for any of 100.000 available free plugins, by simply swapping “WordPress” with “Tastewp” in the plugin URL.

For example, to run a demo of the Elementor, easily edit the URL from https://wordpress.org/plugins/elementor/ to https://tastewp.org/plugins/elementor/ and hit Enter.

In just a couple of seconds, you will be redirected to the Elementor menu on a brand new WordPress site.

tastewp elementor plugin demo
Tastewp Elementor Plugin Testing Demo

You can apply the same trick to run a demo of any WordPress theme too, for example,

https://wordpress.org/themes/astra/ into https://tastewp.org/themes/astra/.

Creating site templates with pre-defined multiple plugins and a theme

Free TasteWP plugin demo links can be run by anyone, you don’t even have to register on TasteWP. However, to create a more sophisticated demo link or a site template, signup is required. Registering is also free and it brings other benefits, such as increased test site number limit, and prolonged site life, so it is worth doing it.

The Site Templates feature can be used to create a TasteWP link that will automatically install up to 5 designated plugins and one theme. Custom and premium plugins can also be used with Site Templates. For templates, users can also pre-define WordPress and PHP versions, as well as some other Advanced options.

create wordpress website with tastewp
Creating site templates with pre-defined multiple plugins and a theme

Here is the template that I just created, it has several plugins and the Astra theme:


Advanced setup of a test site

Advanced setup options are available during Site Template creation and during the creation of a regular test site on TasteWP. Besides picking the particular PHP and WordPress versions, users can also set the options for WP Debug, Cron, Cache, Automatic Updates, and a few others from WP Config.

Apart from that, users can also give the test site a customized name, in contrast to randomly generated funny names. Multisites can also be started from this screen, as well as premium websites. Premium sites have no expiry timer and have a 20GB size limit, compared to 1GB and 7-day limits of normal test sites on TasteWP.

tastewp setup wordpress website
TasteWP Setup Wordpress Website

From the TasteWP Dashboard, users can manage their sites, change WP and PHP versions on the go, and also get involved in the affiliate program, that can reward each user with a non-expiring site for every 3 new users that sign up using the special affiliate link. Once earned, a non-expiring site can also be assigned from TasteWP Dashboard.

The benefits of plugin demos and extra tricks

TasteWP plugin demos and test sites are an easy way for site owners and webmasters to check out plugins on safe grounds, away from their live site. This is the safe way not just to test a plugin, but to also make sure that there are no conflicts with other plugins, themes, or page builders that are being used on the user’s live site.

TasteWP test sites also don’t consume space on the user’s server or user’s resources in general. No worrying about cleaning up test sites too, as they are deleted automatically by default, after a few days.

Plugin developers can also greatly benefit from the demo links, as they can offer demos to their plugins, even with some customizations. For example, with uploaded custom plugins, they can add extra content or a pre-defined set of options in the plugins.

Also, TasteWP users can define a specific page on which the demo link user will land. Commonly, a link redirects to the plugin’s menu page.

Here is an example, this demo link https://demo.tastewp.com/el-astra will install the Astra theme and Elementor with a couple of add-ons for it and redirect to the Astra theme menu. The team behind TasteWP - Inisev, can also make developers’ Site Templates links look shorter and nicer, like the one above.

tastewp site template review
Site Template Custom Installation


TasteWP provides a free sandbox environment for WordPress and it is also being used for the creation of staging sites. It is being used by experienced developers as well as beginners that are getting introduced to the world of WordPress. What makes this platform stand out, is that is the fastest plugin testing ground available on the web.

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