How to Make Flying Phone Viral Tik Tok Video Using Pitu Application

How to Make Flying Phone Viral Tik Tok Video Using Pitu Application 

Nowadays many peoples are making a new VFX graphic video ex."Flying Phone and showing their image in a phone and also image in the sky"More Specific: A boy is throwing his phone and with some motion after throwing it your or anyone's Photo appears in that phone and further in Sky.

You have also seen this type of videos in Tik Tok and Whatsapp Status as they are becoming Viral in Tik Tok and Whatsapp Status. Are you not wondered how they make it,
If Yes Read Full Article.
So Guys, In this Article I am here to explain to you "How to Make Flying Phone tik tok viral video"It is so easy to make Flying phone video and pulling moon on earth video and similar videos like this.

It is done by Using PITU App. PITU is a Video Editing app which is now becoming trending due to "Indians" and "TIK TOK".

In Pitu video editing app you can make such types of Video very easily due to its excellent user interface.

This app not just contains Flying Phone video it has many other interesting videos and Upcoming Christmas videos also.

After Reading the full article about "How to edit or make tik tok viral videos on flying mobile phone" you can easily make other video related to this.

So Lets Start Tutorial:

WatcComplete Video Guide:

Complete Written Guide:

How to Make Tik Tok Flying Phone viral Video Using Pitu Application 

#1 One of the Basic Step is to " Download Pitu App " [Download Link is Given Below this article go And Download it]

#2 Open it and you will see this Interface as you can see in below image there are many Features available, But Our need is to make that tik tok Viral Video so goto on Fun Video Option.

Select Fun Video Option
Select Fun Video Option 

#3 You can see many types of Videos so Select and Simply 
Download your preset template on which you want to make Video for your Image.

#4 Now open downloaded template and you can see there is two Option in which you put your Image.

 Select your Image and Place in both Side
Select your Image and Place on both Sides

#5 After that click on Preview Button [You can See Upside :) ] and it will take a very little time and Render it after completion of that See your Video and Click on Save Button to save it.

Note: Best Feature of this PITU App is once you have to Download it you can Make Many videos as you want Without any Internet Connection.
You can also see many different types of video templates like Moon landing on Earth and Boy kicks Earth and Your Image appears. Like See Below Image.
 Many Other Viral Video Templates
Many Other Viral Video Templates

That all you have to do and now your video will be in your Phone Storage, Great Enjoy!

Download Pitu Application Click on Download Pitu App Button below. I recommend you to watch Video Guide Scroll up for that.

Download Pitu App
Download Pitu App 

An interesting article isn't it? Comment Below how was this tutorial regarding Tik Tok and WhatsApp Viral Video there are Many Interesting Video and Tricks on Whatsapp, Instagram, and the world most popular game and maybe your favorite game PUBG Mobile. 

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