Latest Lazy Load Adsense Ads Script | Load Ads After Page Load

How to Setup Lazy Load Adsense Ads to improve your page speed?

Are you facing slow page load issues after putting Google Ads? Do you want to improve website speed by installing Lazy Load Google Adsense Ads on your website?. If you really want to improve your website speed then this can be resolved, by using lazy load Adsense ads for all users. It will  Load Ads After the Page Loads completely to improve page speed.

Have you faced website speed decreasing after putting Google Ads on the website? then you are not the only one. Many Bloggers and WordPress websites have such problems. Website Speed and its loading time place a very significant role in the ranking factor of Google. But just because of google ads our website loading time increases.

Strange but google never tried to solve this issue but somehow we need to solve this problem if we want to monetize our website with Google AdSense. So Loading Ads after page load script is going to help you to improve website speed.

How to Install Lazy Load AdSense Ads Script  Load Ads After Page Load
How to Install Lazy Load AdSense Ads Script  Load Ads After Page Load Increase website speed

What is Adsense lazy load Script with the latest auto ads?

We all know that Google Adsense is the main and most trusted ads program in the world. Why? because it helps you and me to easily monetize our website and blog, regardless of its size, rank, or audience.

What is Lazy Load?

Lazy load is a technology to prevent those objects on a website from getting loaded before they appear in the visitor’s visible area. This trick keeps the loading time of a website at a minimum and improves its performance. Therefore ultimately it will help your website to improve speed performance and loading time.

Working on Advanced lazyLoad Google Ads Script

When users visit your website it doesn't load Adsense ads and even doesn't request AdSense javascript. Earlier you may find many Lazy Load Ads Script for your website but it doesn't work for me in some cases. Therefore with some modification and with a small trick, we create a more useful and advanced script that can be used on your blogger website. For WordPress, you can find dozens of plugins.

Therefore, After using the script it will Load Ads after the page loads entirely. Not using the OnLoad Event Listener better we used Scroll Event Listener. So how does it works?

  1. When users open your website, then the website will not request the adsbygoogle.js library.
  2. Even when the website is completely loaded it will not show ads and request ads library
  3. But when the user scrolls your web page then it will request javascript
  4. So by this Load Ads After Page Load.
  5. That's it

Now, let's apply it and check the loading time of your website.

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Steps to Install Lazy Load Adsense Ads Script

Before using lazy load ads javascript and doing any changes keep a backup of your template and check the current website loading speed from PageSpeed Insight.

Go to this page to check the current website speed:

Follow steps to remove default javascript and CSS bundle files from the blogger template:

STEP 1: Make sure to backup your whole blogger template code. (It’s important!)

STEP 2: Open Blogger Dashboard > Go to the Theme section > Click on the Edit HTML code of your template.

STEP 3: Remove the below script tag wherever you find it in your website template.

<script async='async' src='//'/

STEP 4: Now, Alternatively using Adsense lazy load script mentioned below and placing it just above of </body> closing tag, this will Load Ads after a page is loaded on a scrolling webpage. Ads will display when the visitors scroll the display but remove adsbygoogle.js from your template mentioned in step 3.

<script type='text/javascript'> 
var arpianLazyLoadAds = false; 
window.addEventListener("scroll", function() { 
if((document.documentElement.scrollTop != 0 && arpianLazyLoadAds === false) || 
(document.body.scrollTop != 0 && arpianLazyLoadAds === false)) { 
(function() { 
var ad = document.createElement('script'); 
ad.setAttribute('data-ad-client', 'ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxx'); 
ad.async = true; 
ad.src = ''; 
var sc = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; 
sc.parentNode.insertBefore(ad, sc); 
arpianLazyLoadAds = true; 
}, true); 

STEP 5: Save the template and again check your website speed.

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NOTE: Please change the code ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxx with your Publisher ID. And Bookmark our website for more such useful script and share this post.

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Load Ads after page loads to increase Website Speed 

Demo of this Lazy Loads Ads Function. Watch Complete Video and follow each steps properly that are already mentioned above.

Benefits to Setup Script to Load Ads After Page Load on your Website?

  • It will increase your Page Speed.
  • A webpage will load faster
  • Improve your FCP(First Contentful Paint) Good for SEO
  • Automatically Defer Ads Scripts
  • First Load Website Content then Load Ads After Page Load
  • and many more benefits to put on your website
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Now time for Conclusion Right!

In Conclusion of Latest Lazy Load Adsense Ads Script | Load Ads After Page Load

So, I hope this script helps you to increase your website performance. Now you don't want to worry about the slowdown of your blog speed because of Google Adsense ads.

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