Install Anti Adblock Script | Adblocker Detecter JavaScript

Anti Adblock Detecter JavaScript

Install Anti Adblock Script in Blogger and Adblock Detection Script for WordPress or any website. Some websites ask their visitors to disable the adblockers to support the creators. If you are looking for such Adblock Killer Script in Javascript for a website like Blogger, WordPress, or any website then you are in right place. In this post, we share the two most useful Anti-Adblock scripts for the website. So Install Anti Adblock Script on your website to tell users to disable Adblocker Extension on their browser.

Using this JavaScript Ad-Blocker Detection Script you block the entire content of your website. Users won't be able to use or even look at your website post/content. Unless users allow your website to show ads and disable the Adblock extension on the website.

Install Anti Adblock Script | Adblocker Detection JavaScript
Install Anti Adblock Script | Adblocker Detection JavaScript

Why use Anti Ad-Block Detection Script blogger or on any website?

The use of Adblock plugins/extensions is increasing to block ads but it really hurts publishers who rely on advertising to keep their websites online. The publishers and users who resist displaying ads have been going on for some time now and it is far from over. For most bloggers, entrepreneurs, and content writers showing ads on their websites is the only way for them to earn some money.

Because of this publishers like me who rely on Advertisements lost the revenue they deserve. All afford they make to write and provide valuable content to visitors like you then it is important to Install Anti Adblock detection Script.

Why do Visitors or Users Install Adblock extensions to Block Ads on the website?

Some websites put so many ads on their website it annoys visitors so they use such extensions. Also, many ads slow down the speed of the website it takes very long to load content. Another ugly reason is many publish put Adult Ads on their website to get more clicks and earn more revenue from that. But not all visitors like such ads, Therefore this type of extension is widely used.

But if you don't do any of this mentioned above then you can use Anti Adblocker Script on your website like blogger. So In this article, I will share the two most used Javascript Adblock Detection Scripts, follow the below steps to install or use them on your website.

Advantages of Using Adblock killer:

Before using this  Anti Adblock killer Script we must be aware of some basic Advantages and Disadvantages of it. So it helps us to increase our revenue by displaying ads because it requests or forces visitors on your site to disable the Adblock extension, but the disadvantages are more than the advantages.

Disadvantages of Adblock killer Script:

Now knowing some disadvantages will help you to decide on you this script. If you have installed Adblock killer or Anti Adblock Script on the website then you will see in your Analytics that you will be getting a higher bounce back rate. Most people come to your site and when they see a popup to disable their ad blocker they simply go back instead of disabling the Adblock extension.

There are still many advantages and disadvantages of the AD-block killer but we are not going to discuss that in this article we are going to discuss how we can install Adblock killer in bloggers or in WordPress.

Let's Check both Script Code and the Steps to follow.

Steps to Install Anti Adblock Killer/ Detection Script in Blogger website

The following are some basic simple steps to follow and make changes in your website template.

NOTE: Use any One Method as per your need don't use both scripts in one website.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard
  2. Go to Theme/Template Section
  3. Click Edit HTML
  4. Now Search for  </head>  or Find & Past Below STYLE CSS Code Before ]]></b:skin> 
  5. Now Find & Past Below SCRIPT Code After <body>
  6. Save Theme/Template
  7. You are done! - Check your website now using Adblock Script you will get Disable Extension message center of your script and disable to do anything on your website.

NOTE: For searching anything in blogger template press Ctrl+F and then type term to search and press enter.

Also use: Advanced HTML Sitemap Page on the Blogger website 

Method 1


#g207{position:fixed!important;position:absolute;top:0;top:expression((t=document.documentElement.scrollTop?document.documentElement.scrollTop:document.body.scrollTop)+"px");left:0;width:100%;height:100%;background-color:#fff;opacity:0.9;filter:alpha(opacity=90);display:block}#g207 p{opacity:1;filter:none;font:bold 16px Verdana,Arial,sans-serif;text-align:center;margin:20% 0}#g207 p a,#g207 p i{font-size:12px}#g207 ~ *{display:none}


    (function(w,u){var d=w.document,z=typeof u;function g207(){function c(c,i){var e=d.createElement('i'),b=d.body,,l=b.childNodes.length;if(typeof i!=z){e.setAttribute('id',i);s.margin=s.padding=0;s.height='100%';l=Math.floor(Math.random()*l)+1}e.innerHTML=c;b.insertBefore(e,b.childNodes[l-1])}function g(i,t){return !t?d.getElementById(i):d.getElementsByTagName(t)};function f(v){if(!g('g207')){c('<p>Please disable your ad blocker!<br/>This site is supported by the advertisement <br/> Please disable your ad blocker to support us!!! </p>','g207')}};(function(){var a=['Adrectangle','PageLeaderAd','ad-column','advertising2','divAdBox','mochila-column-right-ad-300x250-1','searchAdSenseBox','ad','ads','adsense'],l=a.length,i,s='',e;for(i=0;i<l;i++){if(!g(a[i])){s+='<a id="'+a[i]+'"></a>'}}c(s);l=a.length;for(i=0;i<l;i++){e=g(a[i]);if(e.offsetParent==null||(w.getComputedStyle?d.defaultView.getComputedStyle(e,null).getPropertyValue('display'):e.currentStyle.display)=='none'){return f('#'+a[i])}}}());(function(){var t=g(0,'img'),a=['/adaffiliate_','/adops/ad','/adsales/ad','/adsby.','/adtest.','/ajax/ads/ad','/controller/ads/ad','/pageads/ad','/weather/ads/ad','-728x90-'],i;if(typeof t[0]!=z&&typeof t[0].src!=z){i=new Image();i.onload=function(){this.onload=z;this.onerror=function(){f(this.src)};this.src=t[0].src+'#'+a.join('')};i.src=t[0].src}}());(function(){var o={'':'google_ad_client','':'adscale_slot_id','':'adPlaceId'},S=g(0,'script'),l=S.length-1,n,r,i,v,s;d.write=null;for(i=l;i>=0;--i){s=S[i];if(typeof o[s.src]!=z){n=d.createElement('script');n.type='text/javascript';n.src=s.src;v=o[s.src];w[v]=u;r=S[0];n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=function(){if(typeof w[v]==z&&(!this.readyState||this.readyState==="loaded"||this.readyState==="complete")){n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=null;r.parentNode.removeChild(n);w[v]=null}};r.parentNode.insertBefore(n,r);setTimeout(function(){if(w[v]!==null){f(n.src)}},2000);break}}}())}if(d.addEventListener){w.addEventListener('load',g207,false)}else{w.attachEvent('onload',g207)}})(window);

Method 2


  <style type='text/css'>
/* Animation */
@keyframes fadeInDown{0%{opacity:0;transform:translateY(-20px)}100%{opacity:1;transform:translateY(0)}}
@keyframes rubberBand{from{transform:scale3d(1,1,1)}30%{transform:scale3d(1.25,0.75,1)}40%{transform:scale3d(0.75,1.25,1)}50%{transform:scale3d(1.15,0.85,1)}65%{transform:scale3d(.95,1.05,1)}75%{transform:scale3d(1.05,.95,1)}to{transform:scale3d(1,1,1)}}

/* Say Hi to Adblock */
#arlinablock{background:rgba(0,0,0,0.65);position:fixed;margin:auto;left:0;right:0;top:0;bottom:0;overflow:auto;z-index:999999;animation:fadeInDown 1s}
#arlinablock .header{margin:0 0 15px 0}
#arlinablock .inner{background:#05cdf5;color:#fff;box-shadow:0 5px 20px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);text-align:center;width:600px;padding:40px;border-radius:5px;margin:7% auto 2% auto;animation:rubberBand 1s}
#arlinablock button{padding:10px 20px;border:0;background:rgba(0,0,0,0.15);color:#fff;margin:20px 5px;cursor:pointer;transition:all .3s}
#arlinablock button:hover{background:rgba(0,0,0,0.35);color:#fff;outline:none}
#arlinablock .fixblock{background:#fff;text-align:left;color:#000;padding:20px;height:250px;overflow:auto;line-height:30px}
#arlinablock .fixblock div{display:none}
#arlinablock .fixblock{display:block}
#arlinablock ol{margin-left:20px}

@media(max-width:768px){#arlinablock .inner{width:calc(100% - 20px);margin:10px auto;padding:15px}}


<script type='text/javascript'>
// Say Hi to Adblock
function downloadJSAtOnload(){var e=document.createElement("script");e.src="",document.body.appendChild(e)}window.addEventListener?window.addEventListener("load",downloadJSAtOnload,!1):window.attachEvent?window.attachEvent("onload",downloadJSAtOnload):window.onload=downloadJSAtOnload;
Now use any one of the above-mentioned methods, both are good but the second is not fully customizable so if you want to replace or put your own sentences then use the first method. So that's it in this post see you in another post with more blogger script.

Amazing Script: Voice to Text Converter Tool Script

For a complete demo of the script with a proper installation and usage guide please watch the complete video.

 Anti Adblock Script for blogger | Adblocker Detection JavaScript in Blogger

In Conclusion of Install Anti Adblock Script in Blogger or Adblocker Detection JavaScript Code

Visit your website if the user's Adblock extension is ON then they will see a friendly popup that will ask you to disable that Adblock extension in order to view that webpage. 

So In this article, we have learned how to install Adblock killer in blogger if you have any questions for any query you can leave your comments below I am here to help you.

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